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Джульетта из школы-интерната 2 сезон


Romio Inuzuka

~ Main article: Romio Inuzuka ~

Inuzuka was the first friend she ever made in the academy. Ever since then, she made more friends in the process within the Black Dogs. Later, she falls in love with him but doesn’t have the courage to confess until high school. She then regrets everyday for not doing it when she found out that he’s dating with Persia, but the two agree to stay friends forever. Hasuki is one of the first students to side with Romio and Juliet after their relationship was discovered in front of the entire school. During which time, she admits how she envied the couple for their goal to have both Westians and Touwans finally see eye to eye with one another.

She eventually realizes she spent so much of her time trying to get Romio’s attention, and never thought about her own aspirations for the future. Once Ragdoll inspires her to become an actress, Romio was immediately behind her on her decision. He believes it to be a great idea after she finally began to think about ambitions for herself rather than others constantly.

Juliet Persia

~ Main article: Juliet Persia ~

Hasuki originally hates Persia since she believes her to be Inuzuka’s rival and a White Cat. She then hates her more with jealousy when she finds out about her relationship with Inuzuka. With that, the two of them have become rivals for most of the year. They always argue and usually compete in matches if it has something to do with Inuzuka. However, if Inuzuka is in trouble, the two of them work together for his safety. As an example, both of them worked together to make Inuzuka regaining his memories after he had an incident that caused him to develop amnesia.

After becoming Prefects, the two get along better though Hasuki is amused by Romio and Juliet being teased. During their trip to the West, Juliet and Hasuki have come on better terms, and are shown to see each other as friends. Hasuki also stands up for Juliet after her father threatens to take her away from the boarding school due to the ongoing incidents at the school. As a result, it causes negativity between both Touwans and Westians. Even with Hasuki’s jealousy towards Romio’s and Juliet’s relationship, she remains happy for the couple, as she is seen as a guest during their wedding years later.

Kougi Komai

~ Main article: Kougi Komai ~

Hasuki loves her little brother but gets angry if he is causing trouble for Inuzuka. She hasn’t noticed that his little is a siscon.

Ragdoll Persia

~ Main article: Ragdoll Persia ~

Ragdoll was the first person Hasuki made a friend with at the West. She first encounters her by bumping into her when a strange man was attempting to harass Hasuki, but Ragdoll intervened and made the man leave. Hasuki enjoys every moment with Ragdoll afterward, and she is the reason Hasuki found the West enjoyable in many ways, including gourmet, souvenirs, sightseeing, and performances. Much to her surprise, Hasuki eventually finds out that Ragdoll is one of the most famous actresses in the West. Hasuki admits that Ragdoll made her heart skip a beat while witnessing her performance during a play for the Phantom of the Opera. She was later shocked to hear that she is Juliet’s mother, before realizing that it made sense with the resemblance. Because of her moving performance, Ragdoll is the reason that Hasuki found a new aspiration for herself, which is to become an actress. Hasuki and Ragdoll remain good friends years later, as Ragdoll places her and herself on a few TV commercial ads to help Hasuki start up her acting career.

Chartreux Westia

~ Main article: Chartreux Westia ~

Very few interactions are shown between Char and Hasuki, but both of them were aware of one another’s knowledge of Romio’s and Juliet’s relationship prior to the rest of the school’s discovery. Their most notable appearance together is when both of them simultaneously decided to side with Romio and Juliet after their relationship was discovered in front of the entire school. They both admitted their doubts and jealousy throughout the year about their relationship but agreed on their moral views and preference towards a world where Westians and Touwans could get along. They are also shown to be on good terms with one another during occasions such as the Onsen incident on the West trip, as well as the wedding of Romio and Juliet years later.

Shizuka Shishi and Nia Pomera

~ Main article: Shizuka Shishi & Nia Pomera ~

They are Hasuki’s female friends from Black Dogs. They spent time together, like singing, teaching, and coaching. The two of them also try to help Hasuki to get closer to Inuzuka.



«Школа-интернат Джульетта» написана и проиллюстрирована Йосуке Канедой. В манг серия начала сериализацию в Kodansha восьмого выпуска «s Bessatsu Shonen Magazine в 2015 году (с одним выстрелом дебютировав серию в первом 2015 выпуске), прежде чем перейти к Weekly Shōnen Magazine в 2017. По состоянию на 15 ноября 2019 года, шестнадцать томов составлены в формате tankōbon . В августе 2019 года было объявлено, что манга закончится 4 сентября. Сериал был лицензирован на английском языке для цифровой публикации компанией Kodansha USA , которая выпустила первый том под своим отпечатком Kodansha Comics 10 апреля 2018 года.

Антология глав различных художников под названием « Официальная антология комиксов школы-интерната Джульетты» (寄宿 学校 の ジ ュ リ エ 公式 ア ン ソ ロ ジ ッ ク) была выпущена 17 октября 2018 года.

Нет.Дата выхода в ЯпонииISBN ЯпонииДата выхода в Северной АмерикеISBN Северной Америки
1 9 ноября 2015 г.978-4-06-395526-22 октября 2018 г.978-1-63-236750-1
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16 15 ноября 2019 г.,978-4-06-517359-6 (обычное издание) ISBN  978-4-06-517632-0 (специальное издание)


Аниме адаптации телесериала было объявлено в марте 2018 года серия аниме режиссер Seiki Takuno и воодушевленный Liden Films , с Такао Йошиока написал сценарии, Юки Моримото разработаны символы и Масару Ёкояма сочинил музыку. Сериал транслировался с 6 октября по 22 декабря 2018 года во время программного блока Animeism на каналах MBS , TBS , BS-TBS . Сериал транслировался на Amazon Prime Video в Японии и на других рынках, кроме Китая. Вступительную тему сериала «Love With You» исполняет fripSide , а финальную тему «Itsuka Sekai ga Kawaru Made» (い つ か 世界 が 変 わ る, букв. «Когда-нибудь, пока мир не изменится» ) исполняет Рихо Иида. . Сериал длился 12 серий.

Что было в первом сезоне?

В первом сезоне аниме зрители познакомились с главными героями повествования, которых зовут Джульетта Персия и Ромео Инудзука. Сюжет завязан на противостоянии враждебных стран, ученики которых учатся на разных факультетах в школе-интернате, которая называется Далийской академией, и недолюбливают друг друга.

Ученикам предоставлено два общежития, в одном из которых живут «Белые коты», а в другом «Черные псы». Ребята постоянно ввязываются в потасовки и пытаются доказать свое превосходство над недругами.

Но история о противостоянии факультетов приобретает совершенно иное значение, когда лидеры непримиримых врагов внезапно влюбляются друг в друга. Казалось бы, в этом нет ничего страшного, но если учащиеся узнают об этом, то влюбленным придется несладко. По этой причине им приходится скрывать свои чувства и идти на всяческие уловки, чтобы никто не догадался о том, что между ними происходит.

Это аниме буквально пропитано духом романтики и наверняка понравится любителям драмы. Первый сезон получил двенадцать серий по 24 минуты каждая. Ожидается, что вторая часть мультсериала будет иметь столько же серий. Остальные новости мы с вами сможем узнать ближе к осени, когда выйдет первый трейлер.


She is shown to be a very kind, yet hyperactive person and is known for having fun. She tends to refer to herself in the third-person, though the reason for this is unknown. Despite this, Hasuki is very intelligent and when tutoring her classmates, she adopts a more serious attitude and uses a masculine speech for her speeches to put her classmates in line.

She has deep romantic feelings for her classmate and childhood friend Inuzuka but was hurt after knowing his relationship with Persia, though she kept his forbidden relationship as a secret from their peers. She shows that she still loves him and has made herself strong enough to wait for him, should things not work out with Persia.

Before she met Inuzuka, she was an introverted child with good grades. Because of her introverted attitude, she had no friend as she was bad at socializing. When she noticed Inuzuka having difficulties for a test, she wanted to help him. When Inuzuka started to think that she was a genius, he wanted her to help him study. After he got a note of 90%, he thanked her and wanted them to be friends. Because of those words, Hasuki started to change and began getting friends.

Сюжетная линия

Имя персонажа не зря ассоциируется с именем главной героини трагедии Шекспира. В этом случае грустная история двух влюбленных тоже находит отголоски, но уже на экранах и в современной интерпретации. Но картина настолько модифицирована, что не каждый сразу рассмотрит проведенную параллель.

Выход 2 сезона у всех на устах из-за оригинальной подачи: речь идет о двух группах учеников, чьи страны враждуют между собой. На острове находится специальная школа-интернат, где проходят обучение студенты из Британии и Японии. Престиж некогда востребованного заведения подрывается из-за регулярных драк и потасовок, которые происходят между противоборствующими клубами: «Черные собаки» и «Белые кошки».

Каждая группа имеет своих предводителей, которые тайно влюблены друг в друга, и в одной из очередных перепалок глава «псов» Ромио Инузука признается в своих чувствах Джульетте Персии – лидеру «кошек». Но они вынуждены скрывать симпатию, иначе их подчиненные расправятся с ними привычным способом и изберут новых капитанов.

Что же победит – чистая любовь или стремление выиграть гонку за первенство? Удастся ли скрыть главным героям свои чувства? Какие опасности и уловки будут их подстерегать? Обо всем этом зрители узнают во 2 сезоне романтической саги, трансляция которого уже не за горами.


  • According to Maru, her crush on Inuzuka

    It was also seen that even members of the White Cats House were aware.

    was obvious to the whole class.

  • Her first name, Hasuki, comes from Husky, a dog breed.
  • She’s the second person who knows about both Inuzuka and Persia’s relationship.
  • She commonly refers to people using «bro».

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Персонажи аниме

Персонажи аниме в подавляющем большинстве школьники. Среди огромного количества героев главными являются только двое, остальные же созданы для того, чтобы помочь развитию сюжета и отношений основных персонажей.

Джульетта ПерсияГлавная героиня манги и аниме, первокурсница, ученица и глава факультета «Белые коты».
Ромио (Ромео) ИнудзукаГлавный герой манги и аниме, первокурсник, ученик и глава факультета «Черные псы».
Хасуки КомайПодруга Ромио, одна из лучших учениц, имеющая высокие оценки и помогающая остальным ученикам с домашней работой.
Эби СсинияОдин из самых популярных учеников, пользуется своей красотой, чтобы заслужить восхищение у девушек.
Айру ИнудзукаСтарший брат Ромио. Учится на третьем курсе и заботится о том, чтобы репутация семьи оставалась незапятнанной.
Анна СайберУченица второго курса, входит в состав студенческого совета.
Шартро УэстияПринцесса Западного княжества, ученица факультета «Белые коты». Отличается хорошими успехами в учебе и особенно эгоистичным нравом.
Чизуру МаруУченик факультета «Черные псы», один из немногих задир в интернате. Негативно настроен к Ромио и испытывает симпатию к Джульетте.
Сомали ЛонгхэйрдОчень сильная для своей комплекции девушка, ученица факультета «Белые коты», отличается непроходимой глупостью.

На сегодняшний день неизвестно, какие персонажи перейдут во второй сезон, а с какими придется распрощаться в первом. Но с появлением новой информации мы обязательно оповестим вас об этом на данной странице.


Romio Inuzuka

~ Main article: Romio Inuzuka ~

Juliet sees him as a rival ever since elementary. At first, she believes she’s weak to him since she is a girl. But when she met Romio, her life has changed. She continues to get stronger to fight him day by day. By the days they have passed, they have become rivals to lovers. Juliet has agreed to a date with him since he said he could change the world if he’s with her.

Juliet has enjoyed dating with Romio and made some Touwa friends along the way, though she needs to disguise as «Julio» for that.

Chartreux Westia

~ Main article: Chartreux Westia ~

Char is Persia’s childhood friend. She spent time with her as a chaperone. They even share the same room together at the academy. However, Persia hasn’t found out about Char’s secret feelings for her.

Chizuru Maru

~ Main article: Chizuru Maru ~

Persia hates him since all the things he has done to her. However, when she disguises herself as ‘Julio’, she sees Maru as a whole different person. She admitted he was also the first Black Dog friend she ever made.

Amelia Curl

~ Main article: Ameria Curl ~

Persia and Amelia have opposite personalities, so it was hard for Persia to get along with her back then. However, Persia does her best to understand how Amelia feels, so she tries to act and to dress like her. The two of them then become friends after Persia fulfilled Amelia’s wish.

Turkish Persia

~ Main article: Turkish Persia ~

Juliet loves her father, but due to his neglection towards her, she believes he doesn’t care about her. Since she is a girl, she couldn’t be a successor of her father’s property and nobility due to the feudal system of the West. Because of this, she does her best to please him by training to be strong, learning, and devoting herself for her family’s sake.

When she found out in the West in her house with Romio that her father genuinely loves her and thinks about her, their relationship began to be better.

Juliet’s mother really cares about her daughter, but she shows a tsundere reaction which even Juliet hasn’t noticed. It’s implied that she knows her relationship with Romio Inuzuka since she suddenly warns her about a Black Doggy and a White Cat falling in love and them being expelled from Dahlia Academy Boarding School when they were exposed.


  • Her name comes from the Persian Cat.
  • She doesn’t know how to use chopsticks.
  • She’s afraid of scary things such as zombies or a haunted house.
  • She is terrible at cooking.
  • She has a tsundere side similar to her mother, but Juliet is more blunt.

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  • Romio’s surname Inuzuka means «dog» (犬) (inu) and «mound» (塚) (zuka).
  • Romio constantly skips swim class. As a result, he can’t swim well.
  • Despite being the leader of Black Doggy House

    Romio later gains the respect of his followers after he lasts against his brother, the previous Black Doggy Prefect Representative in a training bout.

    , Romio is often disrespected, though he has gotten the fear of his followers because of his strength.

  • Before his relationship with Persia was exposed by Leon Inugami, the only people to know of Romio’s relationship with Juliet Persia were: Hasuki Komai, Chartreux Westia, Somali Longhaired, Airu Inuzuka and Chiwa Inuzuka (Romio’s mother).
  • According to the bonus chapter, even after getting married, Romio is still nervous around Juliet.

Main CharactersChartreux Westia • Chizuru Maru • Hasuki Komai • Juliet Persia • Romio Inuzuka • Scott Fold
Black DogsAiru Inuzuka • Eigo Kohitsuji • Gorio Bouda • Kento Tosa • Kochou Wang • Kougi Komai • Leon Inugami • Shuna Inuzuka • Teria Wang
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OthersAnnie Curl • Black Doggy House Master • Chiwa Inuzuka • Turkish Persia • Vermie Inugami


Romio was born as the second to the prestigious Inuzuka family. Romio grew up with a strict older brother named Airu Inuzuka who had taken over most of the family matters after the death of Shiba Inuzuka (Romio’s father) when Romio was eight. Growing up, Romio was greatly scared of his elder sibling but often sought to impress him with his skill.

He was something of a loner in school, as his brooding facial expression often scared his classmates, who chose not to approach him. One day, he met Hasuki Komai who helped him passed a test where they become friends in the process and him helping her gain popularity in their class.

Romio later came into conflict with Juliet Persia and they constantly fought. However, Romio really liked Juliet that he wanted to convey his affections through their respective sides and impeded this.


Школа-интернат Джульетты проходит в школе-интернате Dahlia Academy, куда приезжают ученики из двух соперничающих стран, известных как «Нация Тоува» и «Княжество Западное». Эта академия разделяет своих студентов на два общежития, которые отражают их национальность: «Черные псы», в которых живут те, кто из Тувы, и «Белые кошки», где живут те, кто живет с Запада. История следует за Ромио Инузукой, 1-летним руководителем «Общежития Черных собак». Ромио с детства испытывал безответную любовь к Джульетте Персии, первокурснице «Общежития Белой Кошки». Поначалу колеблясь, Ромио решает признаться в любви и решает изменить мир, если для этого нужно оставаться рядом с Джульеттой. Джульетта, впечатленная решимостью Ромио, принимает его любовь. Однако теперь и Ромио, и Джульетта должны усердно работать, чтобы держать свои отношения в секрете от других товарищей по общежитию, пытаясь избежать неприятностей.


Romio is a brash and tough young man who mostly settles things with his fists. He doesn’t have a much adept for his studies and often requires tutoring from his peers when he falls behind. But after aiming to be a Prefect, his grades improved that he made it to the top ten. He is determined to change the world with his lover where there is no conflict between the West and Touwa. He not only wants to change the world so that he could be with Persia, but to make the others happy who have been victims of the conflict, such as Leon.

Despite this, he does have a kinder side as he was able to motivate others to be strong. He also has a maiden side personality which Persia finds it funny.

Джульетта из школы-интерната 2 сезон – сюжетная линия

В школе-интернате Академии Далии ученики разделены на две фракции: «белых кошек» и «черных собак». Первый год белых кошек ведет Джульетта Персия, а черных собак – Ромио Инудзука. Ожесточенные войны между группами – обычное дело. Инудзука и Персия были соперниками с самого детства, но Инудзука влюбился в Персию и тайно оберегал ее в каждой битве. Персия сердится, что Инудзука никогда не сражается с ней всерьез. Инудзука видит, как старые белые кошки издеваются над молодыми черными собаками, которых затем защищает Персия. Инудзука почти признается в любви, но вместо этого убегает.
Кадр из аниме “Джульетта из школы-интерната”

Три черных пса похищают Персию, чтобы приставать к ней. Инудзука быстро спасает ее, и черные собаки сердито уходят. Персия убегает, плача. Три черных пса пытаются напасть на Инудзуку за то, что он украл у них Персию, поэтому он избивает их. Персия посылает Инудзуке сообщение, чтобы встретиться на дуэли. Инудзука лжет и утверждает, что он спас ее из жалости, что заставляет ее плакать, и Инудзука понимает, что она ненавидит казаться слабой. Инудзука понимает, что он невольно подрывал ее цель сделать мир лучше.

Во время их дуэли Инудзука наконец признается и предлагает ей свою помощь в изменении мира. Персия отвечает тем, что толкает его в фонтан, но соглашается встречаться с ним до тех пор, пока он помогает изменить мир и держит их отношения в секрете.


Juliet Persia

~ Main article: Juliet Persia ~

In elementary school, according to the bonus chapter, Inuzuka initially thought she was an annoying frail girl who would easily cry and always got into fights with her. However, after seen her determination to pick a fight with him despite crying and losing against him, he slowly became attracted to her. Thanks to her, Inuzuka was given courage and became stronger.

In high school, he finally confessed to Juliet his feelings and therefore dates her. It is mentioned in his diary that Romio’s days in the academy have become more fun ever since they have started dating.

Romio also has a new goal: to change the world with Juliet. Romio acts as a maiden every time if Juliet accepts his invite and acts like a crybaby if she refuses.

Hasuki Komai

~ Main article: Hasuki Komai ~

Hasuki and Inuzuka have been friends ever since elementary. Hasuki is also the first friend that Inuzuka made in the academy. He sees her as his best friend and is unaware of her love feelings for him. When he found out that Hasuki has feelings for him, he decides to tell his secret to her that he is dating Juliet Persia as he doesn’t want to keep lying to her.

Airu Inuzuka

~ Main article: Airu Inuzuka ~

Romio is scared of his brother ever since his father passed away. Airu keeps saying he is a disgrace to the “Inuzuka family”, due to a lack of skill and often put him through brutal training. When Romio has started dating with Persia, he’s slowly trying to fight his fear against his brother.

When Airu found out about his relationship with Persia, he will do anything he can to break these two apart. However, Romio has proved himself to Airu that their relationship is not a mistake. Airu then lets him live his own life and supports him in the future.

Chizuru Maru

~ Main article: Chizuru Maru ~

Among all the other Black Dogs, Inuzuka hates Maru the most and vice versa. These two always get into fights depending on the situation. However, if they were working together, they are unstoppable. They also have to act friendly if they are near Julio, much to their chagrin.

After Maru found out Julio is actually Persia, and she is dating Inuzuka, he was the first one to side with them. Inuzuka then finds him as a good friend and doesn’t want to fight him anymore. However, Maru always gets ticked off every time Inuzuka has girls around him.

Shuna Inuzuka

~ Main article: Shuna Inuzuka ~

Shuna is a servant accepted in the “Inuzuka family”. Romio saw her as his little sister and gave her a hairpin as a present, which she is happy with. Shuna then promises to herself that she will always protect Inuzuka at all costs.

Chiwa Inuzuka

~ Main article: Chiwa Inuzuka ~

Romio always receives hugs from his mother from time to time. He and even his brother find this really annoying. Romio thinks of her as a drama queen. However, Persia sees that Romio and his mother have a lot in common with each other.

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