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Trinity seven


Arata has a carefree and cheerful personality, usually bantering and teasing others even in dangerous situations. He is also noted to be very perverted, often finding himself in risque situations or confessing his desires towards a girl. Usually, this is by complete accident, but he simply rolls with it and lets himself enjoy the situation without getting worked up about it. During these situations, he usually quotes: «Thank you for the treat» or something to that effect. This often earns him a scolding from Lilith and scorn from Mira Yamana, the Top Seat of Grimoire Security, who calls him filthy or impure. Other girls such as Levi, Akio, or Lieselotte don’t particularly mind and often goes along with his remarks. However, he knows where to draw the line, as he refuses a kiss from Yui because that is only for «when we’re closer». In times of need, Arata can become very dependable. He is very calm under pressure, in both perverted and dangerous situations. His natural way of thinking allows him to make rational decisions and develop solutions to problems that would cause others to panic. Arata cares very deeply for others, especially his friends. He is willing to risk his life and become stronger to save those he cares about, such as Lillith, Yui, Lieselotte, etc. 

Despite his perversion, Arata has a mature view of relationships. For instance, he refused a kiss from Yui due to believing that was something they should do when their closer. Furthermore, as seen in the Ova, Arata will not take advantage of girls who are vulnerable to physical needs, showing he has some respect for women. 

There are two known instances that can cause Arata to lose his cool. The first is Kasuga Hijiri, who is his entire motivation for becoming a magician and his driving force for most of the story. Lieselotte was able to shake him mentally by offering information on her whereabouts, and when the two of them finally do meet he single-mindedly tries to take her back. The other is someone disappearing due to his own powerlessness, a trauma developed by Hijiri’s apparent «death». The first time this happens, he triggers Astral Trinity’s awakening to prevent it.

During the Sky Library Arc, Arata admits that the Trinity Seven members are essentially as important to him as Hijiri is, showcased by one of his very rare shows of anger towards Abyss Trinity  for hurting Akio.

Following his transformation into a Sword Magus, he has displayed signs of agressiveness occassionally, catching the notice of both Akio and Selina.

Demon LordEdit

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During moments of emotional stress, Arata’s behavior greatly changes after transforming into Astral Trinity, becoming quite cold and ruthless in contrast to his normal behavior.


Her usually attire mainly consists of a dark hooded robe and penny loafers.

School Uniform: During her time as a student in the Royal Akarsha Academy, Ayesha’s uniform included a a white long sleeved cuffed blazer jacket with a short dark tie, and a dark plaid short skirt. Additionally, she also wore a pair of pantyhose and brown plaid penny loafers.

Magus Mode: Arsha adorns a large royal cape with a fur capelet collar and a metal clasp. Additionally, she also wears a mandarin collared white dress underneath a small bevor, chest armor and a dark vest, as well as metal gauntlets and sabatons. 

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Royal Biblia Academy Edit

Arata Kasuga — As the head of Grimoire Security, Mira was initially hostile towards Arata, a Demon Lord Candidate, whom she viewed as an impure existence and needed to be destroyed. As such, in their first time meeting each other, she would order Akio to kill him to stop a Breakdown Phenomenon he was causing. Although later she would rescind her decisions, she still remained wary and unfriendly to him. However, despite her antagonist treatment, Arata wouldn’t hold a grudge and continued to act casually around her. Eventually, though, she would gradually come to trust and accept him. When seeing her panties, Mira gets irritated when she beaten up Arata for his perversion. During their investigation in Royal Liber Academy, Mira after becoming unable to use her magic would come to rely on him, revealing her past and slowly open up to him. At one point, when she was about to be killed by Ilya, his helplessness to save her and Sora would cause him to transform into Astral Trinity. As Astral Trinity, seeing potential in her, he would demand that she submit to him. In which she would respond with a slap, stating that she had nothing to offer to anyone other than Arata, giving Sora the chance to revert him back. Since the mission, Mira has grown to care deeply for him, treating him more politely and worrying about his well being. She has fallen in love with Arata showing signs of jealousy whenever he interacts with other girls. Overall, the two of them become closer, respecting one another and becoming the will to fight for each other.

Trinity SevenEdit

Akio Fudo -The current third seat of Grimoire Security, Akio is Mira’s partner and closest friend out of the Trinity Seven. Prior to joining Trinity Seven and Grimoire Security, Mira was someone who couldn’t assert herself, being very shy around everyone. Along with the fear of her very high magic hurting someone, she would avoid people and as a result became isolated. However, one day Akio would come and take her hand, giving her many new experiences. Akio would help inspire Mira to change, embracing her magic and becoming more confident. Eventually, Mira would join Grimoire Security as the head and the two would become partners to destroy Breakdown Phenomenons. Currently, despite Mira’s strictness personality and Akio carefree attitude, the two of them have a deep trust and respect for one another, being able to work together effectively as a team. Akio, in particular, doesn’t mind her partner’s sternness and is always willing to follow her orders. Although, she is sometimes surprised by the lengths Mira will go to complete her mission. Regardless, they both get along very well, almost always seen together even out of missions. Akio especially enjoys teasing Mira on her rather pure side. The two of them rely on and care very deeply for each other, always willing to fight and support the other. Even though Mira is technically her superior, Akio is always watching over her and sometimes console her whenever she disheartened.

Lilith Asami — Lilith and Mira are good friends and comrades, respecting and trusting one another. As two of the more serious characters amongst their peers, they are often shocked or embarrassed by their friend’s actions, usually having to be the straight man in many of those situations. Furthermore, although Mira’s position as head of Grimoire Security occasionally puts them on opposite sides, this does not stop them from remaining friends. The both of them care and support each other, able to work together as a team during battles.  Notably, before Mira joined Grimoire Security and Trinity Seven, Lilith would watch over Mira and try to help her after she became isolated due to her shy nature. Lastly, they are both hinted to have feelings for Arata, but they have not allowed this stop them from remaining on friendly terms.

Lieselotte Sherlock — Lieselotte was the former second seat of Grimoire Security, working together with Mira and Akio to destroy Breakdown Phenomenons until her disappearance. After Arata’s transferred to Biblia, Lieselotte would reappear as an enemy before Mira and everyone, eventually nullifying their magic with the exception of Mira and Levi. Despite being former comrades, Mira, now viewing her as an enemy, would swear to eliminate her. Although, even with the help of Levi, their battle ended with a draw. However, regardless Lieselotte’s betrayal, Mira would still care for her well being. After Lieselotte lost to Arata and became trapped, Mira would order Selinato help Arata save her under the guise of giving Lieselotte her punishment. Since Lieselotte’s return, the two of them have remained on friendly terms, once more fighting on the same side.


Fujimi Shobo Edit

Everyday is a normal day in the small town where Kasuga Arata lives. However, everything changed on the day of the Black Sun, and following it, a magician appears before him. The Black Sun caused the Breakdown Phenomenon which destroyed the town where he lives. Because of this, his normal life was artificially reconstructed by a Grimoire that his childhood friend had left. Just what is the purpose of the magician coming to the town? What will he do with the Grimoire’s keepsake?

Yen Press Edit

Arata Kasuga transfers to the Royal Biblia Academy to solve the mystery of the destruction that is ravaging the world and—more importantly—has stolen his cousin Hijiri from him. It’s a tough road that lies ahead of Arata, but nothing’s impossible when you have seven beautiful girl — each a master of her own magical art — at your side!


Arata Kasuga

Kiss & Farewell

Reunion & Enemies

Trinity SevenEdit

Arin Kannazuki — As members of Iscariot and the Trinity Seven respectively, Hijiri and Arin are enemies despite their lack of interactions, as well as rivals for Arata’s affection. Most notably, Arin and Hijiri have an unknown connection due to their identical appearances, as well being users of the Chaotic Rune magic. Additionally, they both also possess the Ruina and Partum Themas from the Ira Archive. However, their personalities differ quite a bit as Hijiri displays more emotions than Arin who is much more reserved. The two would first meet during Arata’s mission to the Royal Liber Academy where Arin saved Arata and Lilith from being destroyed by Hijiri by using her recently acquired Demon Spear Gae Bolg to break down time to reach them. Arin’s Gae Bolg allows her to nullify magic from the Ira Archive, making her a natural opponent to Hijiri. Although the two are on opposite sides, they nevertheless have respect for one another due to their strong devotion towards Arata. After Arata is captured by Anastasia-L, Arin agreed to work together with Hijiri to save him, trusting her because of Hijiri’s feelings for Arata. 


Lugh — As members of Iscariot, Lugh and Hijiri are comrades with the same goal of defeating the Magic King. The two seem to get along well with each other in a friendly and respectful manner, as well as watching over one another in battle. On one occasion, Lugh attempted to defend Hijiri from an attack from Akio despite this eventually to her capture. Lugh, in particular, seems to care for Hijiri’s well being, becoming concerned over her unstable health and even willing to fall along with her if she ever tripped, much to Hijiri’s astonishment. However, Lugh has also been shown to be intimidated by Hijiri’s behavior on some occasions, becoming frightened during Hijiri’s first meeting with Anastasia-L. Nevertheless, the two seem to trust and amicable with one another. During battles, their teamwork has been noted to specialize towards the offensive.

Royal Liber AcademyEdit

Anastasia-L — As saints, Anastasia-L and Hijiri have an opposing relation due to their objectives regarding Arata. In their initial meeting, the two would interact with one another in a seemingly friendly and polite manner. However, their tense and hostile discussion of Arata would even Lugh and Akasha’s headmaster to become frightened. Nevertheless, Anastasia would continue to treat Hijiri favorably, happily commenting on Hijiri’s devotion to Arata. Although, she would also become quickly threatening after Hijiri offered to fight her. As such, Hijiri is especially apprehensive and intimidated of Anastasia due to her dark nature and magic, as well as becoming more protective of Arata.


Ilias’s true form is a small blue ornate book bounded by thin chains that allow her to hang from her master’s wrist. Furthermore, she also possesses the ability to change her appearance, assuming various human forms, most notably of her previous master Hijiri.

Human Form: Ilia assumes the form of a young woman with curvaceous proportions and long light green hair held back by a dark cloth like a hairband. Her wear mainly includes a dark long-sleeved mini dress with a cape collar that has white hems and tied together with a red ribbon. Additionally, she also wears black thigh socks and a pair of brown loafers.

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Chronology Edit


Prior to joining the Trinity Seven and becoming the head of Grimoire Security, Mira used to be someone who could not assert herself as she was relatively withdrawn. Despite her talent, her high magical powers caused her to be afraid of losing control and hurting someone. As a result, she avoided associating with anyone, causing everyone else to stop approaching her as well. Even with Lilith’s attempt to help, Mira would continue to remain isolated. However, upon meeting Akio who came to her and took her hand, Mira would slowly begin to change and open up.

Already a member of Trinity Seven back then, Akio would drag Mira everywhere with her, giving her a wide range of diverse experiences. On one occasion, after a failed experiment caused her to faint, a concerned Akio would carry Mira on her back. During that moment, Akio would tell Mira that since she was lucky to have been granted such an immense power, she could possibly use it to change herself. Akio’s words from that time would have a huge impact on her. Hoping to become honest and stylish like Akio, Mira was then influenced to become an ally of justice, a person who would take responsibility for her own power.

Eventually, Mira would become a Trinity Seven, as well as the head of Grimoire Security.

Gula BreakdownEdit

As part of a Grimoire Security mission, Mira, along with Akio and Lieselotte, travel to an average rural city in America to investigate a potential Breakdown Phenomenon. Despite their initial investigation yielding no results, they are assaulted at midnight in their hotel rooms by the locals who have become living corpses. However, the girls easily fend off their attackers, as well as discover that a Gula Breakdown Phenomenon which occurs after midnight is the cause. Locating the source to an abandoned church, they find an undead sister continuously praying and casting a spell, causing the Breakdown Phenomenon. Afterward, Mira vanquishes the sister, although the experience leaves her uncertain. Nevertheless, after some encouragement from Akio, the three begin heading home.

Relationships Edit

Royal Biblia AcademyEdit

Arata Kasuga — As the partner of the Magic King, Arin cares very deeply for Arata and as well loves him, becoming quite attached to him since his arrival. She often calls him her husband and considers them to be already married. Arin first met Arata in the men’s bath unclothed, although she was rather nonchalant during the whole experience. However, because of the nature of their relationship, Arin developed a strong interest in him mainly for her research. While on the other hand, Arata was unsure how to interact with her due to her blunt personality and identical appearance to Hijiri. Regardless, the two of them quickly became good friends, even after Arin trapped him or even caused him to create a Breakdown Phenomenon. Arin does not mind Arata’s shameless personality, even willing to comply with some of his desires. Likewise, he has also become used to her, appreciating her support and guidance. Although, they sometimes still find aspects of each other surprising and troublesome as well. Notably, since meeting Arata, Arin has slowly begun to change from her usual emotionless behavior, showing more different emotions which have been noticed by her friends. Both of them genuinely care for one another, willing to support and protect each other during dangerous situations. Arin’s attainment of the Demon Spear Gae Bolg was largely due to her determination to protect him. Also, Arin can become jealous whenever he interacts with other girls but is more or less fine with her friends in the Trinity Seven.

Trinity SevenEdit

Lilith Asami — As members of Trinity Seven, Arin and Lilith are good friends and usually get along very well. Although, due to Arin’s straightforward character and lack of common sense, Lilith often times has to correct her actions and behavior, which Arin usually finds difficult. Despite this, the two of them care for one another, willing to fight and protect each other. Furthermore, while Arin is sometimes jealous of Lilith’s closeness with Arata, she actually does not mind and both of them continue to remain on friendly terms.

Yui Kurata — Yui and Arin are good friends, both willing to fight and protect one another. When Yui’s magic becomes unstable and causes a Breakdown Phenomenon, Arin is one of the people who helps save her. Also, despite the two being interested in Arata, they still remain on a friendly term. Although they sometimes get jealous of each other’s interactions with him. At one point, Yui has stated that she was willing to be his mistress because Arin was his partner. During battles, both of them have been shown to have excellent teamwork as their magic complements each other. For the Magic Research Showdown, they were paired together as a team and faced off against Arata and Lieselotte. With their combined efforts, they would control the majority of the match and greatly overwhelm their opponents. Finally, Arin, with the support of Yui, would achieve the Trinity, defeating Arata and Lieselotte. Their teamwork has been noted to specialize in defense. 

Hijiri Kasuga — Arin and Hijiri are believed to have an unknown connection due to their very similar appearances and magic. Both of their Thema’s are Ruina from the Ira Archive and they also utilize the same Chaotic Runes magic. However, their personalities are quite different as Hijiri displays more emotions than Arin. Furthermore, as members of Iscariot and the Trinity Seven respectively, Hijiri and Arin are enemies although they are willing to work together due to their strong devotion to Arata. When Hijiri was about to destroy Arata and Lilith, Arin gained the Demon Spear Gae Bolg to break downtime and space in order to save them. On another occasion, after Arata became trapped by Anastasia-L, Arin willingly agreed to ally herself with Hijiri regardless of her past actions, trusting her rival because of her real feelings. While the two girls are competing for Arata’s affection, they nevertheless have respect for one another. Notably, despite their interactions, neither of them have commented on the unusual circumstances behind their identical appearance. Furthermore, Arin’s possession of Gae Bolg allows her to nullify magic from the Ira Archive, making her a natural opponent to Hijiri.



Unable to remember her name and origin, much of Arin’s past remains a mystery to even her. Her earliest memory is when she was around eight years old, she was shrouded in darkness before growing conscious of her existence. She would suddenly find herself in an unknown location and become first aware of the world around her, which the experience would cause her to cry. Later, while wandering around, she would meet the Biblia headmaster who told her that he had come to pick her up. Bringing her to the Royal Biblia Academy, the two would encounter unknown monsters that no one else had previously seen before. Although some of those monsters were easily defeated, there were also several that they were forced to flee as suggested by the headmaster despite his Paladin class.

Eventually, she would arrive and enroll at Biblia, as well as becoming a member of Trinity Seven. Notably, during times she left the Academy grounds, the previous unknown monsters would appear again outside the academy.

Meeting ArataEdit

The first encounter between Arata and Arin would be in the Male’s bath, where Arata would mistake her for Hijiri during their initial encounter. It is from then on she would begin to experience emotions that she had never felt before, such as attraction towards him, going as far as stalking him for much of the next day.

[править] Персонажи

Касуга Арата — главный персонаж, один из кандидатов в архимаги. Также способен принимать форму архимага, Астрального тринити. Использует архив гордости, специализируясь на господстве. Обладает способностью копировать чужую магию, даже если она не относится к архиву гордости. Владеет Астильским манускриптом и позднее Илийским фрагментом. Активно флиртует с окружающими его девушками, из-за чего имеет репутацию извращенца. Сэйю: Ёсицугу Мацуока

Астильский манускрипт — легендарный гримуар с информацией о других мирах. Первоначально принадлежал Хидзири и в начале сюжета перешел к Арате. Может принимать форму девушки и в ней называет себя «Сора». Сэйю: Риэ Кугимия

Илийский фрагмент — второй гримуар принадлежащий Хидзири. Как и Сора способен превращаться в девушку и в этой форме называет себя Илией. В прошлом, когда Хидзири отлучалась по делам исполнял роль ее двойника. С развитием сюжета перешел в руки Араты.

Каннадзуки Арин — одна из школьных тринити. Пользуется архивом гнева, специализируясь на разрушении. Внешность Арин сильно напоминает внешность Хидзири. Эмоций она практически не проявляет и спокойно относится к различным пикантным сценам со своим участием. По указке директора стала напарницей Араты и объявила себя его женой. Однако, не возражает против того чтобы у ее мужа были и другие девушки. Сэйю: Ая Утида

Курата Юй — одна из школьных тринити. Пользуется архивом корыстолюбия, специализируясь на дружбе. В школе является второй по силе после директора. Основной ее магией является магия снов и внутри сновидений у нее есть собственный мир в который девушка может перемещать других персонажей. В этом мире она появляется в своей идеализированной и более взрослой форме. Из-за крайней опасности ее силы в начале сюжета она была запечатана. Однако, позднее Арата освободил ее. После этого Юй объявила себя его любовницей, как и Арин согласившись терпеть наличие других девушек рядом со своим возлюбленным. Сэйю: Риэ Муракава

Адзами Лилит — одна из школьных тринити, дочь архимага из параллельного мира, рожденная прежде чем ее отец уничтожил свой мир. Лилит является самой молодой тринити в истории и как и Арата входит в число кандидатов в архимаги. Также, несмотря на то что Лилит — ровесница Араты, она уже является учителем в магической школе. Пользуется архивом блуда, специализируясь на похоти. Сэйю: Юми Хара

Кадзама Леви — ниндзя, одна из школьных тринити. По боевым возможностям в пятерке лучших в мире. Архив — зависть, специализация — ожидание. Сэйю: Аянэ Сакура

Ямана Мира — тринити, один из стражей гримуаров уничтожающих представляющих опасность магов. Пользуется архивом гордости, специализируясь на правосудии. Обладает иммунитетом к большинству видов магии. В прошлом плохо контролировала свою магию и из-за этого сторонилась людей. Однако, после встречи с Акио решила изменить себя. Сэйю: Ёко Хикаса

Фудо Акио — тринити, напарница Миры и как и одна из стражей гримуаров. В прошлом была одним из сприганнов охранявших Небесную библиотеку. Позднее ее поселение было уничтожено заскучавшим отцом Лилит, которого сприганны призвали для защиты от других архимагов. Саму Акио ценой своей жизни спасла мать. Акио пользуется архивом чревоугодия, специализируюсь на вере. В бою полагается на мантры усиливающие ее тело. Сэйю: Рёка Юдзуки

Лидзелот Шерлок — школьная тринити. Пользуется архивом ленности. В прошлом была инспектором королевской библиотеки второго ранга и стражем гримуаров. Позднее в стремлении к силе и знаниям стала темным магом поглощающим силы и знания других. После того как Арата победил ее оказалась запечатана в созданном ей отдельном измерении. Позднее, после того как Арата освоил ее архив лени, он смог ее освободить. Сэйю: Нао Тояма

Сэрина Шерлок — сестра-близнец Лидзелот, школьная журналистка. Как и Лизелот, пользуется архивом лени. Сэйю: Ая Судзаки

Директор — один из пяти сильнейших магов мира. Владеет гримуаром «врата Соломона». Как и Арата любит приставать к девушкам, за что регулярно бывает бит. Сэйю: Синъитиро Мики

Касуга Хидзири — девушка направленная наблюдать за Аратой под видом кузины. Использует архив гнева. После того как магия Араты уничтожила город, Хидзири была выброшена за пределы этого мира. Там она увидела будущее в котором Арата становится архимагом и вместе с семью тринити уничтожает мир. Затем рождается новый мир, в нем Арата вновь становится архимагом и вместе с тринити уничтожает мир. Разозлившись что Арата стал всего лишь инструментом для цикла перерождения мира, она присоединилась к темным магам планирующим уничтожить мир. Несмотря на то что она может возвращаться в этот мир, долго поддерживать свое существование в нем она не способна. Сэйю: Аяка Сува


School Uniform

Initially, Arata usually wore his first high school uniform, the top half consisting of a black t-shirt, worn over by a white dress shirt and an unbuttoned black gakuran jacket. The bottom half was simple black pants and penny loafers.

When he transferred to the Biblia Magic Academy, he mainly started wearing the Academy’s uniform, which also consisted of a white dress shirt, black t-shirt underneath, penny loafers, dark suit jacket with the school symbol on the breast pocket, and pants. However, he now includes a vest over the dress shirt and a red tie. Normally, he wears the dress shirt top button unbuttoned and untucked with the tie loosened. In casual attire, he wears a looser variation of his school attire. Arata also usually wears his grimoires in the fashion of a necklace or tied around his hand.

Currently, Arata received the mark of the Magic King on his right hand after obtaining Judecca and learning three different archives despite not fully mastering Acedia.

Magus ModeEdit

Magus ModeSecond

After copying Akio’s Mantra Enchantment magic, his Magus mode changed to a white mandarin collared sleeveless shirt, worn over by a black sleeveless stand up collared jacket. The bottom half consists of white pants wrapped around by a strong and tied with an abrasive belt.

Trinity Form: Signifying that he has become a true magic king, Arata’s attire in this form includes a white long-sleeved shirt, under a shoulder cape and collared vest with arm gloves. He also wears again white pants with knee-length boots, wrapped around with a waist-cloth, strong and belt. The shoulder cape, vest, sarong, waist-cloth, booths, and arm gloves have a black with white edges or cuffs design.


Upon temporarily attaining the level of a Paladin, Arata adorns a set of dark crimson armor consisting of a chest plate, gauntlets, tassets and thigh boots, worn under a dark tunic and pants, as well as a high collar cloak.

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Sword MagusEdit

During his training with Arsha, Arata grew his hair longer which he ties into a ponytail with a hairband. Furthermore, his attire was overhauled to include a tunic worn under a short-sleeved jacket that covers his chest and fastened by a large belt, as well as metal gauntlets. The lower portion consists of a white cargo pant, sarong, and dark boots.

While invoking his magic to control a Breakdown Phenomenon, both his hair and eyes will begin to turn white, resembling Astral Trinity.

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Demon LordEdit

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Upon transformation, Astral Trinity possesses Arata’s body while retaining his main physical features with several alterations.

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Arata Kasuga — Sora’s current master, Sora first came to know of Arata during Hijiri, her previous master, Arata first became aware of Sora after she was entrusted to him by Hijiri to protect him from a Breakdown Phenomenon, as well as grant his wish before disappearing. Horrified, Arata would then demand Sora that she give him back his normal days, which she would fulfill while posing as Hijiri. After her deception was discovered, Sora has since continued to assist and protect Arata, eventually forming a contract with him allows him to use her magic.

Despite knowing each other for a relatively short time, the two quickly developed a close and trusting bond due to their similar easygoing and mischievous personalities. Sora, in particular, enjoys being with Arata’s straightforward and perverted behavior, as well as finding her master both entertaining and interesting. As such, she is usually watching him or playing along with his antics. Nevertheless, Sora is very loyal and supportive of Arata, willing to follow his decisions and always looking out for his well being. Likewise, Arata has complete faith in her, relying on her strength in many different situations. Notably, in spite of her being a grimoire, Arata deeply cares for Sora and views her as a friend, rather than a tool. Her imprisonment by Ilia was one of the deciding factors that would cause Arata to change into Astral Trinity. Although, Sora would eventually return him to normal, stating that she preferred «the idiotic master». Additionally, Sora and Arata are also able to work together as a strong and effective team during battles, supporting and believing in one another.

Hijiri Kasuga — Hijiri is Sora’s previous master for an unknown amount of time, originally being the one who gave the grimoire her current name. Prior to disappearing due to the Breakdown Phenomenon, Hijiri entrusted Sora to protect Arata and fulfill his wish, which she has since then faithfully continued to follow. Despite no longer being together, Sora would help Arata in his goal in finding her former master, confirming that Hijiri was still alive. Although the two would eventually reunite as enemies, neither one would hold a grudge against the other.


Ilia — Similar to Sora, Ilia was originally Hijiri’s grimoire for an unknown amount of time prior to later joining Arata. During the Breakdown Phenomenon that destroyed Arata’s hometown, the two would separate after Hijiri entrusted Sora to Arata while Ilia remained with her before disappearing. Later on, they would eventually reunite when Arata and Mira became trapped in Ilia’s barrier while investigating the Royal Biblia Academy’s destruction. Despite Ilia using Hijiri’s appearance, Sora would immediately recognize her before subsequently confronting her in battle, treating each other in a rather friendly and calm manner regardless of being enemies. Ultimately, Sora would lose and become trapped by Ilia who intended to use her as a magic power source until Astral Trinity indirectly freed her. 

After defecting to Arata, Ilia has since remained on friendly terms with Sora who, in particular, did not hold a grudge against her. Although, Ilia is usually bewildered by Sora’s nonchalant and mischievous personality, whom the latter also often enjoys teasing her. Regardless, the two are actually quite close in spite of Ilia’s denial. Sora once stated that they were close enough to never stop fighting. They both respect and understand the others abilities, allowing them to work together as an effective team to help support Arata.


Radix Astil — Originating from Radix, the two are considered to be «mother» and «daughter.» After Arata forfeits his Demon Lord Element, Radix travels to Biblia in order to retrieve Sora, considering him unworthy of being her master in spite of her copy’s opinion. However, Sora has been allowed by her mother to remain with Arata temporarily, until she is  required for Radix’s goal, to revive the true Demon Lord. Although Sora is hesitant about her mother’s methods in trialing Arata, she is nontheless confident in her master’s strength.

Сюжет фильма

Арата никогда не мнил себя каким-то особенным человеком. Совсем наоборот, его даже немного огорчало то, что он совершенно ничем не отличается от своих сверстников. Он рос вместе с Хидзири, которую считал своей двоюродной сестрой. Она была для него не просто родственницей, а лучшим другом. Когда он сталкивался с проблемами, то просил у нее совета. Поскольку понимал, что эта девочка обязательно ему постарается помочь и ни в чем не будет упрекать. Более того, она всегда найдет способ его утешить и сделать так, чтобы его душевное состояние стабилизировалось.

Каждый день был радостным и счастливым. Мальчишка даже и подумать не мог, что когда-нибудь все это может измениться. Ужасные перемены, которые послужили началом конца, вызвало появление Черного Солнца. Кроме того, именно в это время перед парнем и появилась загадочная девушка. Тогда школьник не догадывался о том, какую роль сыграл в этом.

Когда выкрали кое-кого, ситуация еще больше накалилась. Перед своим исчезновением она передала родственнику таинственный гримуар. Прибывшая в город незнакомка, была послана сюда, чтобы внимательно исследовать дело. Именно она рассказывает напуганному подростку ту информацию, которую посчитала нужным. Оказывается, существует параллельная реальность, которая буквально источает магию. Собственно, как и каждый его житель. Сама она тоже представляет содружество ведьм.

Прибыв на землю, красавица сразу приступила к выполнению, порученной миссию. Ей требовалось немедленно предоставить отчет высшему руководству, которое было крайне недовольно своим неведеньем. Выяснилось, что он является вовсе не обычным простолюдином. На самом деле в нем сокрыто волшебство. Он просто еще не научился им управлять. Именно по этой причине последствия были такими ужасающими. Прознав об этом, герой принимает решение разобраться в себе и вернуть подругу, которая была похищена злым монстром. Чтобы осуществить задуманное, он вынужден отправиться в путешествие и посетить Королевскую Академию Библии. Поскольку именно там можно попросить аудиенции у 7-х самых известных и могущественных колдунов.

Его проводником становится та, кого он поначалу даже возненавидел и принял за недруга. Она не намерена его оставлять без поддержки. Ведь в этом мире повсюду таятся опасности. А он настолько одержим идеей докопаться до истины и узнать, кто его враг, что попросту отказывается замечать даже очевидные ловушки. Путешествуя, юноша учится не только правильному контролю над силой, но и начинает задумываться о том, что он в действительности знает о своей семье, которую любит. Близкие слишком часто скрывали от него многое и недоговаривали о значимом. И теперь эти секреты его абсолютно не устраивают.



Born to a normal family despite being a Demon Lord Candidate, Arata lived an ordinary life until the death of his parents due to a plane crash of unknown cause at a young age. As a result, he would live together with his cousin Hijiri and her family. During elementary school, the two would develop a close bond with each other as Arata was the only one who treated her kindly despite not knowing she was a Magus. 

In middle school, Arata would develop his perverted side, often encountering various embarrassing situations with Hijiri. As such, he was often chased by her every time, although this would also develop his resilience as well.

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