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Celia mack


  • For Buffy’s original sides, click here.
  • Since the name Buffy is not common, she is often compared to the title character of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a TV series she enjoys watching.
  • She is sporty and a very good runner.
  • She is a great dancer.
  • Buffy’s mom has been overseas and has not been home for a very long time. Buffy can have hard times because she does not have her mom. Buffy’s mom comes back home from military deployment in We Were Never.
  • She is very competitive, as shown with Marty.
  • In Crime Scene: AndiShack!, it was revealed that Buffy and Cyrus met in second grade. According to The Perfect Day 2.0, she has also know Andi since second grade. (It’s been 5 years since they visited the alpine slide.)
  • She is the only member of The Good Hair Crew who is not left-handed.


  • The season was shot in four months (from September through December of 2016) in the town of Magna, Utah, and other various locations throughout the Salt Lake area.
  • Sabrina Carpenter of Girl Meets World performs the Andi Mack theme song, «Tomorrow Starts Today».
  • The school setting is the same utilied by the High School Musical franchise.
  • The first two episodes, «» and  «Outside the Box» comprise the Andi Mack premiere movie, «Tomorrow Starts Today».
  • A running gag is the characters all calling tater tots «Baby Taters.»
  • The season concluded on Friday, June 23 with Best Surprise Ever.

    It instead aired as the first part of the season 2 premiere, Hey, Who Wants Pizza?.

    Episode 113, the original season finale, did not air as apart of the first season.

  • This series does not contain a Halloween and Christmas special episode.


  • Production began on July 11, 2017 and wrapped on February 17, 2018.
  • On August 20, 2017, it was announced that Disney Channel had ordered an additional 5 episodes to the second season.
  • «Tomorrow Starts Today» music video debuted on October 20, 2017 on Vevo and Disney Channel. It was released early on October 19, 2017.
  • In addition to the season premiere, Disney Channel had a Season 1 marathon starting at 2 PM on October 27, with new episodes airing every Friday from November 3 through December 1.
  • During the Season 1 marathon, sneak peak clips of Season 2 were shown.
  • Cyrus will question his sexuality.
  • According to many articles, it’s revealed that this season will revolve around Andi and her parents getting back together and the start of Cyrus’ journey of self-discovery.
  • On October 25, 2017, major entertainment news outlets broke out the news confirming that Cyrus will come out to Buffy during the one hour special season 2 premiere. Cyrus is the first LGBT- main character on a U.S. Disney Channel show.
    • If you’re counting other Disney Channel shows, The Lodge has been the first Disney show to feature a gay main character (Josh portrayed by Joshua Sinclair-Evans) while Cyrus Goodman is the second Disney Channel gay main character. Though, he is the first one in a U.S. Disney Channel show while Josh is part of the U.K. Disney Channel series.
    • The only other gay characters shown on Disney Channel before Andi Mack were guest characters on Good Luck Charlie and Star vs. the Forces of Evil.
  • There was a special Andi Mack event in January 2018 called «Mack-Uary» and the first ever Disney Channel Cast Party as well.
  • The hour-long episode Cyrus’ Bash-Mitzvah! served as the mid-season finale.
    • Andi Mack Season 2 returned on Monday June 4, 2018 after a 4 month hiatus with the episode Better to Have Wuvved and Wost.
    • The season premiered on October 27, 2017.
    • The season finale aired on August 13, 2018.


Production resumed in Magna, Utah on July 11, 2017. A preview of the season aired ahead of the Descendants 2 premiere on July 21, 2017. On September 11, 2017, Disney Channel announced through Twitter that season 2 will premiere on October 27 with a one hour special.

The second season was scheduled to wrap on October 5, but on November 14, 2017, Asher Angel confirmed that the second season would wrap in February 2018. On February 13, 2018, Trent Garrett shared a script from the season finale of Andi Mack, episode 226. This means that the show was given 26 half hour episodes for the season 2 production cycle. Half hours for the second season total up to 27 when production code 113 is accounted for. The season wrapped production on Saturday, February 17, 2018.

On February 19, 2018, Disney announced that after the mid-season finale special, Cyrus’ Bash-Mitzvah!, the remaining 12 episodes of season 2 would debut starting in June 2018. On May 9, 2018, Disney announced that season 2 of Andi Mack would return on Monday, June 4 as part of the Disney Channel’s GO! Summer promotion.


Andi Mack Episodes
Season 1
• Outside the Box • Shhh! • Dancing in the Dark • It’s Not About You • She Said, She Said • Dad Influence • Terms of Embarrassment • She’s Turning Into You • Home Away From Home • Were We Ever? • Best Surprise Ever
Season 2
Hey, Who Wants Pizza? • Chinese New Year • Friends Like These • Mama • The Snorpion • I Wanna Hold Your Wristband • Head Over Heels • There’s a Mack in the Shack • You’re the One That I Want • A Good Hair Day • Miniature Gulf • We Were Never • Cyrus’ Bash-Mitzvah! • Better to Have Wuvved and Wost • Perfect Day 2.0 • Truth or Truth • A Walker to Remember • Crime Scene: AndiShack! • Andi’s Choice • For the Last Time • Buffy in a Bottle • Keep a Lid on It • Bought, Lost or Stolen • We’re on Cloud Ten • The Cake That Takes the Cake
Season 3
The Boys are Back • Howling at the Moon Festival • It’s a Dilemma • Hole in the Wall • That Syncing Feeling • Cookie Monster • The New Girls • I Got Your Number • Secret Society • The Quacks • One in a Minyan • The Ex Factor • Mount Rushmore or Less • Hammer Time • Unloading Zone • One Girl’s Trash • Arts and Inhumanities • Something to Talk A-Boot • A Moving Day • We Were Here

Актеры и персонажи


  • Пейтон Элизабет Ли в роли Энди Мак, ученицы седьмого класса средней школы Джефферсона и главного героя
  • Джошуа Раш в роли Сайруса Гудмана , ученика седьмого класса в средней школе Джефферсона, лучшего друга Энди и первого главного героя-гея на канале Disney.
  • София Уайли в роли Баффи Дрисколл, ученицы седьмого класса средней школы Джефферсона, лучшего друга Энди и капитана баскетбольной команды девочек средней школы Джефферсона.
  • Ашер Энджел в роли Джоны Бека, ученика восьмого класса средней школы Джефферсона, бывшего парня Энди и капитана команды фрисби средней школы Джефферсона
  • Лилан Боуден в роли Ребекки «Бекс» Мак, матери Энди; Анди ранее считала ее сестрой
  • Лорен Том — Селия Мак, бабушка Энди; Анди ранее считала ее матерью
  • Трент Гарретт в роли Боуи Куинна (повторяющийся, сезоны 1-2; главный, сезон 3), отца Энди; ранее неизвестный Энди


  • Стоуни Уэстморленд в роли Генри «Хэма» Мака, деда Энди; Анди ранее считал ее отцом
  • Эмили Скиннер в роли Эмбер, ученицы девятого класса средней школы, бывшей девушки Джоны и официантки в закусочной The Spoon
  • Челси Т. Чжан — Бриттани (1-2 сезоны), близкая подруга Бекс и ее работодателя
  • Гаррен Ститт в роли Марти, ученика средней школы Джефферсона и члена команды легкой атлетики средней школы Джефферсона
  • Люк Маллен в роли Ти Джея (сезоны 2–3), капитана баскетбольной команды мальчиков средней школы Джефферсона, страдающего дискалькулией и являющегося любовным увлечением Сайруса; его полное имя — Телониус Джаггер Киппен в » «
  • Хлоя Херст в роли Миранды (сезоны 2–3), женщины, которая работает с Боуи в питомнике растений и какое-то время гуляет с ним.
  • Дариус Марселл в роли Уокера (сезоны 2–3), молодого художника, который впервые встречает Энди на бар-мицве Сайруса в качестве нанятого художника-карикатуриста.
  • Ракель Джастис в роли Киры (3 сезон), студентки передачи и талантливого баскетболиста, которая сталкивается с Баффи и пытается встать между Сайрусом и Ти Джеем.


  • Bowie Quinn was first mentioned in , but not named until It’s Not About You, and finally made his first physical appearance in She Said, She Said.
  • He only knew of Andi as Bex’s little sister.
  • Bowie follows Ham Mack on social media.
  • Bowie’s personalized license plate reads «RINGO» likely denoting that he idolizes, and seeks to emulate, legendary Beatles’ drummer Ringo Starr.
  • As shown on his driver’s license, «Bowie» is his legal name.
  • He plays drums and is currently filling in for one of the band members of a band called «The Renaissance Boys».
  • Apparently, Bowie no longer has family living in the area, aside from Andi and her family. It is revealed his mother Cookie Quinn lives on cruise ships.
  • He becomes a landscaper/florist for a plant nursery named Judy’s Blooms (a pun on the celebrated children’s author, Judy Blume).
  • Later on, Bowie gets a job a few blocks down Main Street as a clerk/music teacher at Red Rooster Records.
  • He proposes to Bex by hiding the ring in a pizza box.
  • In the episode “A Good Hair Day”, Bowie was proved to be 32, which means that he had Andi

    His birth-date does not fit in with the timeline of the other episodes. It takes place after Chinese New Year, which is strange because his birthday is supposedly in October.

    at almost 19.

  • He gets married to Bex Mack in the episode “A Moving Day”.


The Good Hair Crew

Main Articles: The Good Hair Crew, Andi and Cyrus and Buffy and Cyrus

Buffy and Andi are Cyrus’s best friends, and he spends most of his time with them. He accepted to take the blame so Andi doesn’t get in trouble for riding a motorbike. When he thought Andi’s big change was having her first period, he acted supportive and didn’t want to pressure Andi into talking about it if she wasn’t ready or comfortable. When Buffy messed up during the relay race, Cyrus tried to advise her that winning isn’t everything. He also thinks the trio should call themselves the Good Hair Crew.

Jonah Beck

Main Article: Cyrus and Jonah

Cyrus likes Jonah Beck and thinks he’s pretty cool. They are best friends. He has been fascinated by Jonah and tried to impress him for a long time. In Hey, Who Wants Pizza?, he confirms to Buffy that he has a crush on Jonah. In Keep a Lid on It Cyrus tells Buffy he’s over Jonah. Cyrus later comes out to Jonah in One in a Minyan, sharing with Andi and Buffy that, while he doesn’t think he will ever tell Jonah how he felt in the past, he has been wrong about a lot about of things when it comes to Jonah Beck.


Main Article: Cyrus and Iris

Iris likes Cyrus. She is introduced to Cyrus by her friend, Amber. Cyrus and Iris realize that they have so much in common and are passionate about the same things. They briefly date and even share their first kiss, but Cyrus realizes he likes Jonah and isn’t attracted to girls, so Cyrus and Iris break up and agree to be friends.

TJ Kippen

Main Article: Cyrus and TJ

Cyrus meets TJ through Buffy, and even though TJ and Buffy can’t stand each other, the two boys are able to create a friendly relationship. They both can relate and find comfort in each other as they both have «stuff» that they are having difficulties with without explicitly stating what their «stuff» entails. They like each other.
Cyrus gets jealous that TJ is spending a lot of time with Kira, and even seems to think Kira doesn’t like him because he is friends with Buffy who kicked her off the basketball team. TJ abandons Cyrus’ idea to do a «somersault» costume and instead does a costume with Kira. Eventually, TJ realizes that Kira is trying to make TJ choose between her and Cyrus, and he chooses Cyrus. At the end of We Were Here, TJ confesses what TJ stands for to Cyrus, something he’s never told anyone else besides his family. They hold hands at the end of the scene, implying that they are now a couple and TJ is now Cyrus’ boyfriend.


Buffy Driscoll

Main Article: Buffy and Marty

Buffy and Marty met at Andi’s party and instantly found great chemistry because of their similar personalities. They are both witty and super-competitive. Their conversations were usually flirtatious witty banter exchanges. After asking Buffy out and being rejected, Marty stopped talking to her and it is later said that he got a girlfriend.  
Andi tells Buffy in Keep a Lid on It that Marty has a girlfriend, who he is still with by the time Buffy and Marty meet up in Mount Rushmore or Less. He says he is happy with her and that they go running together.  However, a chance meeting with Buffy while on a bowling date with Rachel finally brings the two girls together.  Rachel immediately picks up on the undercurrent of feelings between Marty and Buffy and demands to know exactly what Buffy is to Marty.  Marty tries to explain that they are just friends, but his failure to conceal his concern for Buffy’s foot injury, gives Rachel the impression that Marty would rather be with Buffy than her.  This conclusion seems to be confirmed when Marty ends their conversation to get to Buffy when she aggravates her injured foot.  Having had enough, Rachel declares that she it out, leaving Marty behind, effectively ending their relationship.


The Good Hair Crew

Main Article: Good Hair Crew

Andi Mack and Cyrus Goodman are Buffy’s best friends who always hangout together. Buffy spends most of her time with them and also helps them make good decisions in life.

Main Article: Andi and Buffy

Main Article: Buffy and Cyrus


Main Article: Buffy and Marty

Buffy and Marty met during Andi’s dance party in Dancing in the Dark and immediately got along. They’re both very competitive and seem to view each other as rivals. In She Said, She Said, Buffy turned everything they did into a competition, showing off her flexibility, and springing surprise races on Marty. Most of their conversations consist of lighthearted banter and teasing, and sometimes even a little flirting. 


Main article: Buffy and Walker

Walker and Buffy met in For the Last Time when Walker offered to draw the Good Hair Crew as a going away present. She developed a crush on him. They started seeing each other over the summer and are dating by the start of Season 3.

Season 3

Bowie’s tour with The Renaissance Boys ends after only two months since all the members have other commitments. He returns home in The Boys Are Back and goes straight to Bex and Andi’s apartment. Bowie and Bex agree to propose together at the same time. They become officially engaged. Now that he is engaged to Bex, Bowie wants them to have a bigger place to live in once they’re married. So, in Hole in the Wall, Bowie and Bex buy the apartment adjacent to Bex’s so that they can bring down the wall and merge the two apartments.

In It’s a Dilemna, Bowie wants to advance his music career by teaching kids how to play guitar since he was successful in teaching Jonah. His first student is who turns out to be really bad at it. Bowie starts blaming himself for being a bad guitar teacher. However, in That Syncing Feeling, Shaun reveals that he is the one who doesn’t want to learn how to play. He was only playing because his dad really wants him to. Bowie helps Shaun break the bad news to his dad. Bowie then starts teaching Shaun’s dad instead.

In Cookie Monster, Bowie’s mother, Cookie Quinn comes to town to see him and meet Andi. She reveals that Bowie’s real first name is actually «Steven.»


Сезон 1

В ночь на ее тринадцатилетие мир Энди Мак переворачивается с ног на голову, когда она обнаруживает, что женщина, которую она считала своей сестрой, Бекс, на самом деле ее мать. Энди присоединяется к своей команде фрисби в средней школе, чтобы сблизиться с Джоном, к которому она и ее лучший друг Сайрус испытывают романтические чувства, одновременно соревнуясь с подругой Джоны из старшей школы Эмбер. Энди раскрывает семейное откровение своим лучшим друзьям Сайрусу и Баффи и начинает обнимать свою мать Бекс и сближаться со своим новообретенным отцом Боуи.

Сезон 2

Энди пытается убедить своих родителей, Бекс и Боуи, жениться друг на друге, но ни одно из предложений не удается. Иона расстается с Эмбер. Сайрус выходит к Баффи. Баффи присоединяется к баскетбольной команде, и позже ее учитель математики просит обучить капитана команды Ти Джея; когда TJ становится непригодным для работы в команде из-за своих оценок по математике, Сайрус дает ему совет относительно его неспособности к обучению, чтобы позволить ему играть. Сайрус выходит к Энди. Анди и Иона заключают отношения. Баффи, похоже, уезжает далеко, но позже выясняется, что она все еще живет рядом. Бекс конкурирует с Мирандой за привязанность Боуи, в то время как между Анди и дочерью Миранды Морган возникает конфликт, который в конечном итоге заставляет Боуи критиковать Миранду за то, что он не доверяет своей дочери Анди; Бекс и Боуи возрождают свои отношения.

3 сезон

Бекс и Боуи помолвлены. Анди говорит Ионе, что хотела бы просто подружиться с ним, на что он соглашается. Баффи встречается с Уокером, что доставляет Энди дискомфорт. Сайрус присоединяется к Ти-Джею и его двум друзьям Риду и Лестеру в приключении на велосипеде по грязи, но когда Сайрус обнаруживает, что у Рида есть пистолет, он рассказывает директору Меткалфу и позже его допрашивает об этом полицейский после того, как Ти Джей сообщил об инциденте в полицию. Баффи пытается улучшить баскетбольную команду девочек, но в первой же игре терпит поражение. Кир выходит к Ионе. День костюма проводится в средней школе Джефферсона. Бекс отменяет запланированную свадьбу с Боуи. Энди, Сайрус, Баффи и Иона арестованы за раздачу одежды, выброшенной компанией, бесплатно без разрешения владельца. Баффи получает травму стопы, из-за чего ей приходится не играть в матчах своей команды до конца сезона. Художественный проект Анди по борьбе со стереотипами привлекает много внимания, что побудило ее подать заявку и поступить в школу-магнит изобразительного искусства. Бекс планирует свадьбу-сюрприз для нее и Боуи. Девушка Марти расстается с ним из-за его чувств к Баффи. Отрицая свои чувства друг к другу, Баффи и Марти в конце концов признают, что симпатизируют друг другу. Когда Баффи выгоняет Киру из своей баскетбольной команды, Кира подружилась с Ти Джеем, чтобы отомстить Баффи, причинив боль Сайрусу. В конце концов, TJ противостоит Кире, после чего он и Сайрус признают свои чувства друг к другу, держась за руки.


Confirmed Episodes

  1. 10/08/18 — The Boys Are Back (301)
  2. 10/15/18 — Howling at the Moon Festival (302)
  3. 10/22/18 — It’s a Dilemna (303)
  4. 11/02/18 — Hole in the Wall (304)
  5. 11/09/18 — That Syncing Feeling (305)
  6. 11/16/18 — Cookie Monster (306)
  7. 11/30/18 — The New Girls (307)
  8. 01/18/19 — I Got Your Number (308)
  9. 01/25/19 — Secret Society (309)
  10. 02/01/19 — The Quacks (310)
  11. 02/08/19 — One in a Minyan (311)
  12. 02/22/19 — The Ex Factor (312)
  13. 03/01/19 — Mount Rushmore or Less (313)
  14. 06/21/19 — Hammer Time (314)
  15. 06/21/19 — Unloading Zone (315)
  16. 06/28/19 — One Girl’s Trash (316)
  17. 07/05/19 — Arts and Inhumanities (317)
  18. 07/12/19 — Something to Talk A-Boot (319)
  19. 07/19/19 — A Moving Day (320)
  20. 07/26/19 — We Were Here (321)


Andi Mack Episodes
Season 1
• Outside the Box • Shhh! • Dancing in the Dark • It’s Not About You • She Said, She Said • Dad Influence • Terms of Embarrassment • She’s Turning Into You • Home Away From Home • Were We Ever? • Best Surprise Ever
Season 2
Hey, Who Wants Pizza? • Chinese New Year • Friends Like These • Mama • The Snorpion • I Wanna Hold Your Wristband • Head Over Heels • There’s a Mack in the Shack • You’re the One That I Want • A Good Hair Day • Miniature Gulf • We Were Never • Cyrus’ Bash-Mitzvah! • Better to Have Wuvved and Wost • Perfect Day 2.0 • Truth or Truth • A Walker to Remember • Crime Scene: AndiShack! • Andi’s Choice • For the Last Time • Buffy in a Bottle • Keep a Lid on It • Bought, Lost or Stolen • We’re on Cloud Ten • The Cake That Takes the Cake
Season 3
The Boys are Back • Howling at the Moon Festival • It’s a Dilemma • Hole in the Wall • That Syncing Feeling • Cookie Monster • The New Girls • I Got Your Number • Secret Society • The Quacks • One in a Minyan • The Ex Factor • Mount Rushmore or Less • Hammer Time • Unloading Zone • One Girl’s Trash • Arts and Inhumanities • Something to Talk A-Boot • A Moving Day • We Were Here


Разработка сериала началась в 2015 году, когда президент Disney Channels Worldwide Гэри Марш убедил писателя и продюсера Терри Мински рассмотреть возможность создания еще одного сериала для Disney Channel . Мински создал популярный ситком « Лиззи МакГуайр» , который транслировался с 2001 по 2004 год, но поначалу не хотел создавать еще один подростковый сериал. В конце концов Мински нашел вдохновение для сериала в статье о том, как актер Джек Николсон, будучи взрослым, узнал, что женщина, которую он считал своей сестрой, на самом деле была его матерью. Канал Disney заказал пилотную серию, основанную на концепции, в ноябре 2015 года, а затем заказал Энди Мака для сериала в августе 2016 года. Съемки сериала начались в Солт-Лейк-Сити в сентябре 2016 года и закончились в декабре 2016 года.

Первый эпизод стал доступен в приложении Disney Channel, On-Demand , YouTube, iTunes, Amazon и Google Play канала Disney 10 марта 2017 года, а второй эпизод стал доступен в тот же день через Disney Channel On-Demand, а также подписчикам, использующим приложение Disney Channel. Премьера сериала состоялась 7 апреля 2017 года на канале Disney Channel. Всего на первый сезон было заказано 13 серий; Однако в эфир вышло всего 12 серий.

Канал Disney продлил сериал на второй сезон 25 мая 2017 года. Съемки второго сезона начались в июле 2017 года.

20 августа 2017 года было заказано пять дополнительных серий для второго сезона. За неделю до премьеры второго сезона был выпущен видеоклип на полную версию музыкальной темы сериала с участием всех актеров. 25 октября 2017 года TVLine сообщил, что во втором сезоне Сайрус начнет понимать, что у него есть романтические чувства к Ионе, следуя нескольким намёкам в первом сезоне, что сделало его первым главным героем-геем с выходящим сюжетом. Канал Дисней . Премьера второго сезона состоялась 27 октября 2017 года на канале Disney Channel.

19 февраля 2018 года канал Disney объявил, что Энди Мак был продлен на третий сезон, и в тот же день создатель сообщил о продлении в прямом эфире на Good Morning America . Премьера третьего сезона состоялась 8 октября 2018 года. 13 ноября 2018 года Deadline Hollywood сообщил, что в сериале будет двухсерийная арка — « » и « », посвященная безопасности оружия и давлению сверстников . 14 декабря 2018 года Deadline Hollywood сообщил, что Стони Уэстморленд был уволен с канала Disney Channel из-за его ареста полицейским управлением Солт-Лейк-Сити по обвинению в «соблазнении несовершеннолетнего» и «продаже материалов, наносящих вред несовершеннолетнему», со сценами из эпизоды, которые еще не вышли в эфир, в которых он был бы удален.

24 апреля 2019 года было объявлено, что Энди Мак закончится после третьего сезона, а премьера финала сериала состоится 26 июля 2019 года.


  • Cyrus is Disney Channel (US)’s first gay main and first gay male character.
    • This is revealed when Cyrus admits that he has a crush on Jonah (which he claims to no longer have by Keep a Lid on It) and that he only likes Iris as a friend.
    • So far, he has come out to Buffy (in Hey, Who Wants Pizza?), Andi (in Cyrus’ Bash-Mitzvah!), Jonah (in One in a Minyan), and is implied that he comes out to TJ (in We Were Here) even though they didn’t explicitly come out to each other. He has also expressed that he intends to come out to his parents at some point.
    • When he comes out to Jonah, he says «I’m gay.» This is the first time the word «gay» has ever been used in Disney-branded media.
    • Cyrus became the first male Disney character to have a canon male love interest as he and TJ both developed feelings for each other and got together in the finale.
    • Cyrus is gay and is played by a bisexual actor (Rush came out in August 2019, just over a week after the series finale).
  • His parents are both psychiatrists who got divorced and married another set of psychiatrists, which clearly influences the role he plays in his friends’ lives, as he’ll jump at the opportunity to help them through their problems and usually gives sound advice.
  • He lives with his father and stepmother at 256 Citrus Avenue. His mother is a gossip and can’t keep a secret.
  • A running gag with Cyrus in the show is losing or damaging shoes due to some event or having a major storyline impact revolving shoes:
    • After riding on the carousel, he vomits into his shoe, causing him to go home with only one in It’s Not About You.
    • In She’s Turning Into You, Buffy loses her shoe in Cyrus’s mom’s car.
    • In Perfect Day 2.0, he loses his shoe after tripping into quicksand.
    • While attempting to figure out how to make pancakes in Crime Scene: AndiShack!, he accidentally spills the batter to his shoes.
    • In Buffy in a Bottle, he notices the shoes Walker made for Andi.
    • He loses another shoe while riding TJ’s dirt bike in Cookie Monster.
  • Cyrus is Jewish and celebrated his Bar Mitzvah in the special episode Cyrus’ Bash-Mitzvah! (actor Joshua Rush is also Jewish in real life).
  • He is the one who dubbed his clique with Andi and Buffy the «Good Hair Crew.» In Crime Scene: AndiShack!, it was revealed that Cyrus and Buffy met in second grade. According to The Perfect Day 2.0, he has also known Andi since second grade. (It’s been 5 years since they visited the alpine slide.)
  • He gets motion sickness as revealed in It’s Not About You, but motion sickness patches help as revealed in The Ex Factor.
  • He uses an inhaler as revealed in Dad Influence.
  • He has a song to sing on the swings and slide. Cyrus is afraid to swing high.
  • The episode Perfect Day 2.0 revealed that he’s scared of bees.
  • In Buffy in a Bottle, Cyrus revealed that there is a list of simple physical actions that he cannot master. TJ teaches him to do a somersault.
  • He is surprisingly good at ping pong, beating Jonah in I Got Your Number.
  • He has a fear of flamingos, both real and plastic, which he revealed to TJ and Jonah in «I Got Your Number.»
  • Cyrus has a doppelganger.
  • He is left-handed.


  1. ‘Andi Mack’ To End With Season 3 On Disney Channel, Deadline (April 24, 2019)
Andi Mack Episodes
Season 1
• Outside the Box • Shhh! • Dancing in the Dark • It’s Not About You • She Said, She Said • Dad Influence • Terms of Embarrassment • She’s Turning Into You • Home Away From Home • Were We Ever? • Best Surprise Ever
Season 2
Hey, Who Wants Pizza? • Chinese New Year • Friends Like These • Mama • The Snorpion • I Wanna Hold Your Wristband • Head Over Heels • There’s a Mack in the Shack • You’re the One That I Want • A Good Hair Day • Miniature Gulf • We Were Never • Cyrus’ Bash-Mitzvah! • Better to Have Wuvved and Wost • Perfect Day 2.0 • Truth or Truth • A Walker to Remember • Crime Scene: AndiShack! • Andi’s Choice • For the Last Time • Buffy in a Bottle • Keep a Lid on It • Bought, Lost or Stolen • We’re on Cloud Ten • The Cake That Takes the Cake
Season 3
The Boys are Back • Howling at the Moon Festival • It’s a Dilemma • Hole in the Wall • That Syncing Feeling • Cookie Monster • The New Girls • I Got Your Number • Secret Society • The Quacks • One in a Minyan • The Ex Factor • Mount Rushmore or Less • Hammer Time • Unloading Zone • One Girl’s Trash • Arts and Inhumanities • Something to Talk A-Boot • A Moving Day • We Were Here


Vampires aren’t the only thing this Buffy is slaying.

— Buffy, It’s Not About You

The night is young and so am I.

— Buffy, Dancing in the Dark

Marty: Do I know you?Buffy: I think you would know if you knew me.Marty: What have you done that’s so great that I would know you?Buffy: What haven’t I done?Marty: I’m gonna say… you haven’t eaten a live frog.Buffy: Have you?Marty: YesBuffy: Why would you eat a live frog?Marty: He mouthed off.Buffy: You never ate a live frog.Marty: Of course not! You’re just making this conversation very difficult.Buffy: I’m just here for the cheese puffs.

— Buffy & Marty, «Dancing in the Dark»


Jonah Beck

Main Article: Jonah and Libby

Andi brings up the possibility of she and Jonah seeing other people in Hole in the Wall, and Jonah’s silence implies that he already is. Libby is Jonah’s new girlfriend, as revealed in The New Girls, and she is deaf. He introduces Libby to Andi over lunch. Jonah and Libby communicate via text. Andi, on the other hand, is proficient enough in ASL to hold a conversation with Libby. Andi mentions that she and Jonah broke up because he was boring, which prompts Libby to want to break up with him. In The Quacks, it is revealed that Libby is bothered by Jonah’s reluctance to learn ASL for her. He asks her to teach him, and she says yes, saving the relationship.


  • The character’s original name was «Ricky Taylor».
  • TJ’s basketball jersey is #34.
  • TJ has dyscalculia.
  • He works at Jackson Street Gym, a gym for children.
  • A young version of TJ was played by Avi Angel in a flashback in I Got Your Number.
  • TJ is the second LGBT+ character in Andi Mack

    Luke Mullen confirmed in a post-finale interview with Shine On Media that TJ is gay and that Terri told him before filming his second ever episode.

    and the first LGBT+ recurring character on Disney Channel.

  • Cyrus is the only person outside of his family who knows his full name. 5 family members already knew — his mother, father, grandma, grandpa, and TJ himself.
  • TJ knows how to play the piano. His mother is a piano teacher.
  • He was named after his parents’ favorite artists — likely Thelonious Monk and Mick Jagger.
  • Out of universe, Luke Mullen got to choose TJ’s name and likely chose Thelonious as a nod to a character from Shrek as that is Mullen’s favorite movie.
  • He has gone by TJ since he was 3 days old and was nicknamed by his grandparents.
  • TJ is familiar with the Wizard of Oz, since he makes a joke about Kira melting after pouring water on her. He is implying that Kira is a witch.


Hey, don’t tell him what he can’t do.

— TJ to Buffy, There’s a Mack in the Shack

Hey, he’s with me.

— TJ defending Cyrus, There’s a Mack in the Shack
TJ Chocolate-chocolate chip muffin, right?
Cyrus Scary-basketball-guy.
TJ Actually, TJ.
Cyrus I know…Cyrus.
— «Miniature Gulf»
TJ This does kinda make me feel better.
Cyrus What do you need to feel better about? You’re the captain of the basketball team.
TJ You don’t know me. I’ve got stuff.
Cyrus Bet you I’ve got more stuff.
— «Miniature Gulf»

Thanks for reminding me about swinging. That helped.

— TJ to Cyrus, Miniature Gulf

You know where to find me, and so do you.

— Cyrus to TJ, Miniature Gulf
Cyrus Hey, not-so-scary-basketball-guy!
TJ Hey! Underdog!
— «We Were Never»

There is nothing wrong with you.

— Cyrus to TJ, A Walker to Remember

may have been right, but you’re the one who really helped me.

— TJ to Cyrus, A Walker to Remember
Cyrus I went down to the swings to calm down- that’s where you found me.
Buffy With TJ.
Cyrus Yeah. That was the first time we ever really talked.
Buffy He’s the last person I ever thought you’d be friends with.
Cyrus I know. Weird, right? But y’know what’s weirder? He wants to be friends with me. Who knows why.
Buffy I know why.
— «Crime Scene: AndiShack!»

a completely different person…you should’ve seen him, it was so cute! He was running around showing everyone, he was like a little puppy who passed a math test.

— Cyrus, The Cake That Takes the Cake
TJ Wanna hang out?
Cyrus With you?
TJ And my friends.
Cyrus Do they even know I exist?
TJ Yeah, they know. I talk about you.
Cyrus Behind my back?
TJ Well, you’re not there so…yeah. Are you mad?
Cyrus Are you kidding? I’m flattered.
— «Cookie Monster»
Cyrus How’d you know I’d be here ?
TJ I’ve been…stopping by. Trying to see if I could catch you without your bodyguards.
— «The New Girls»

I didn’t know Reed was gonna bring a gun. I wouldn’t have gone and I definitely wouldn’t have brought you. And now you hate me. Classic TJ, anything good, I gotta ruin it.

— TJ to Cyrus, The New Girls
TJ You can be a little annoying, you know that?
Cyrus Well, you can be oblivious.
TJ Well, you can be very judgy.
Cyrus Well, you can be intimidating.
TJ You know what else you are?
Cyrus What?
TJ The only person I can talk to like this.
— «The New Girls»
Buffy You think you’ll ever tell him how you felt about him?
Cyrus No, never…
Andi Is that TJ?
Cyrus You came.
TJ Of course, I came… And I brought a challah.
Cyrus You shouldn’t chave.
— «One in a Minyan»
Buffy Remember when TJ was making my life miserable?
Andi I do!
Buffy My aunt told me he was just being mean to me bc he liked me
Andi Really?! That makes no sense
Buffy I know. I was like, well if true, that’s a really dumb approach!
Andi Seriously
Buffy Anywhoo, I think she was completely wrong because I’ve noticed something…He’s really nice to Cyrus. Know what I mean?
Andi I do 🙂
Buffy Hmmm…
Andi Hmmm indeed…
— «»
TJ Cyrus, my man.
Cyrus Teej, looking good.
— «Mount Rushmore or Less»
Cyrus TJ has a great idea . Somersault. It’s our thing. You understand, right?
Buffy I do.
— «Mount Rushmore or Less»
TJ Will you visit me while I’m on the inside?
Cyrus I’ll bake you a cake with a hall pass in it.
— «Something to Talk A-Boot»
TJ I live on the edge.
Cyrus Well, I live in the middle.
TJ Cool. I’ll drive you there.
— «Something to Talk A-Boot»
TJ: Is there anything else you want to know?
Cyrus: Is there anything else you want to tell me?
TJ: Yeah. Is there anything you want to tell me?
Cyrus: Yes.
— «We Were Here»


Bex is adventurous and loves to travel the world, party, and have fun. She is an independent and free-spirited person who believes in herself without letting anyone control her. Bex is rebellious which leads to friction between her and her strict mother, Celia. She also leads middle school kids to protest against unreasonable rules. She is kind and friendly towards Andi and her friends.

Despite being seemingly care-free, Bex has the tendency to hold onto things and memories. She has a «memory box» where she keeps objects and pictures of things and people she doesn’t want to forget. She struggles to move on from things, and as a result she carries a lot of baggage including resentment towards her mother and memories of her past, abusive relationships. Bex is very secretive and struggles to open up to others, including her own daughter, Andi. This is seen in the way Bex keeps her memory box private, and how it takes months for her to answer most of Andi’s questions about her dad and why Bex left home.

Above all, Bex is loving and caring, especially towards Andi. After deciding to stick around, Bex does her best to become the best mother for Andi. She is very hardworking and willing to do anything — including working for a kid she used to babysit — in order to earn money and be able to support Andi. She is passionate about developing a close bond with Andi.


Andi has always looked up to Bex as her cool fun sister. She always looked forward to Bex coming home so they could spend time together. She tried to hook up Andi with Jonah Beck. Even after revealing that she’s Andi’s mother, Bex still continues to act like a sister to Andi but in Home Away From Home, Bex finally starts to become a mother to Andi. She even said Andi is the most important thing in the world to her.
Bex and her mother, Celia don’t seem to be in good terms, probably because she abandoned the family and went to travel the world. It doesn’t help that Bex tells Andi the truth, forcing Celia to come to terms with being a grandmother.
Ham has always been a helpful and supportive father to Bex. While he usually trusts Bex to make her own decisions, he was the one that pressured her to contact Bowie and reveal the truth about his relationship to Andi.
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