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Early Life[edit | edit source]

Clarissa is the love child of the Catherine de’ Medici, and her secret lover Richard Delacroix. She was born less than 20 years ago to the couple while the Queen’s husband was away. She was born with her father’s birthmark on her cheek and was left to die in The Blood Wood. A man found her before the wolves did and brought her home to his son and wife. He tried different potions and elixirs to rid the baby of her birthmark. When those didn’t work he resorted to surgery, leaving the now young child permanently scarred. Once the man died, his son Michel de Nostredame took charge of the child and eventually brought her to French Court with him. He warned Clarissa to stay quiet and hidden from sight if she wished to remain with him and inside the castle.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Season One
PilotSnakes in the GardenKissedHearts and MindsA Chill in the AirChosenLeft BehindFatedFor King and CountrySacrificeInquisition
Royal BloodConsummationDirty LaundryThe DarknessMonstersLiege LordNo ExitToy SoldiersHigher GroundLong Live The KingSlaughter Of Innocence
Season Two
The PlagueDrawn and QuarteredCoronationThe Lamb and the SlaughterBlood for BloodThree QueensThe Prince of the BloodTerror of the FaithfulActs of WarMercyGetaway
BanishedSins of the PastThe End of MourningForbiddenTasting RevengeTempting FateReversal of FortuneAbandonedFugitiveThe SiegeBurn

Season Two[edit | edit source]

King Francis asks his mother, Queen Catherine why she didn’t tell him about his sister Clarissa. Ask why she didn’t tell him she might still be alive, and the prophecy was unfulfilled.

Reversal of Fortune

After Clarissa fled the home she had been forced to work for, she had been seen by the local villagers. They quickly decided she was a witch, based on her appearance. Even referring to her face as ‘kissed by the devil’. She had been caught stealing and was about to be hanged for her crimes. However, when the potato sack covering her face was taken off, among the villagers, Clarissa saw the familiar face of Sebastian. Clarissa called out to Bash, begging for mercy, pleading with him not to let the villagers kill her. Bash reminded the villagers, he was the king’s deputy, and as such he would take care of this problem at Court.

Bash took Clarissa away, and when they were far enough away he undid the ropes around her hand. Clarissa begged him not to take her back to the castle, knowing that Catherine would have her killed, for attempting to murder her to two sons. Sebastian suggested, perhaps that’s what she deserved. Clarissa promised she had changed, she had gone mad with envy, after finding out the family she had been watching for years, was actually her own. Bash confessed he wasn’t sure what to do with her yet.

Clarissa when brought to a young woman’s house, which she was allowed to sleep off her experience. During that time, Sebastian left for court.

That night Bash had returned from court and brought with him some expensive wine from the castle. He had brought it for all three of them to toast for Delphine’s hospitality. Clarissa was both flattered and embarrassed by his kind gesture. Telling them it had been a long time since anyone had offered her more than dirty water. However almost immediately after taking her first mouthful, she fell to the ground in pain. Bash crawled over to her, trying to comfort her, and apologize.

Clarissa cried out, asking why her mother was doing this to her. Crying that she too was her child. Sebastian held her in his arms and told her he was doing it for her other child, their brother King Francis was sick. Sebastian explained, their mutual friend Nostradamus had had a vision; Mary’s return to court would cost Queen Catherine her firstborn. They believed the debt had been settled with Clarissa’s death. However, since her return, it appeared Francis now was dying. As he believed in Nostradamus’s visions, he explained he needed to do this to satisfy The Fates. And if not, then may The Devil take his soul. Clarissa died, moments later in Sebastian’s arms.

Sadly it was never explained to Clarissa, that it wasn’t her own mother behind her poisoning, but Sebastian doing it to save his brother.

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