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Personnel[edit | edit source]

The ship stores personnel files on each officer.

 PositionRankNameSpecies / TypeService periodNotes
Commanding OfficerCaptainN/AN/AUnknown-Previous captain
Ed MercerHuman male2419-PresentJoins in Old Wounds
Executive OfficerCommanderN/AN/AUnknown-2419Previous first officer
Kelly GraysonHuman female2419-PresentJoins in Old Wounds
Second OfficerLieutenant CommanderBortusMoclan maleUnknown-Present
Chief Security OfficerLieutenantAlara KitanXelayan female2419-2420Joins in Old Wounds. Departs in Home
LieutenantTharlUnknown male2420Interim security chief
LieutenantTalla KeyaliXelayan femaleLate 2420-PresentJoins in All the World is Birthday Cake
Chief Medical officerLieutenant ComanderN/A


Claire FinnHuman female2419-PresentRequests assignment to the Orville. Joins in Old Wounds.
Chief Science OfficerIsaacKaylon individualUnknown-Present
HelmsmanLieutenantN/AN/AUnkown-2419Previous helmsman
LieutenantGordon MalloyHuman male2419-PresentJoins in Old Wounds
NavigatorLieutenantJohn LaMarrHuman maleUnknown-Promoted to Chief Engineer in New Dimensions.
Unfilled-PresentMultiple interim navigators
Chief EngineerLieutenant CommanderSteve NewtonHuman maleUnknown-2420Accepts new position aboard a space station in New Dimensions.
John LaMarrHuman male2420-PresentPromoted in New Dimensions.
 PositionRankPersonSpecies / TypeObserved Service YearsNotes
Director of OperationsLaura LamourN/A2419
TechnicianEnsignReedHuman male2419
TechnicianEnsignJenningsHuman male2419
EngineerLieutenantYaphitGelatin2419-PresentSecond-ranked in Engineering.
Chief of RepairsKit StolenN/A2419
RepairsGary RakeN/A2419
RepairsSabrina PlaiceN/A2419
RepairsTony LattanzioN/A2419
N/ALieutenantMorrisN/A2420Works beside Janel Tyler.
N/ALieutenantPalovisN/A2419-PresentWorks the Science section, waters the ship’s plants, and described as «the lizard-looking guy.»
Medical OfficerMatt ChaseN/A2419
Medical OfficerN/AParleyN/ALate 2419 or Early 2420Doctor and full-time substitute for Claire while she is away on Arboreus Prime.
Assistant Medical OfficerAlex MaynardN/A2419
Shuttle Bay OperatorEnsignBrooksHuman male2420
EngineerLieutenantDannN/ALate 2419 or Early 2420-Present
Medical OfficerNurseHenry ParkHuman male2420
MedicalLinda HerreraN/A2419
EngineerLieutenantHarrison PayneHuman male2420Died from damage incurred by an ion storm.
Assistant Science OfficerJack LineweaverN/A2419
ChiefJosh PierceN/A2419
TeacherCassiusHuman MaleUnknown — 2420Transferred to another ship
N/AEnsignDavisN/ALate 2419 or Early 2420Reports that he spilled soy sauce on his pants in a damage report.
N/AEnsignParkerHuman male2419
N/AEnsignJenny TurcoHuman female2420
Dark Matter CartographerLieutenantJanel TylerHuman female2420Position created in August 2420.
Unnamed Crewmembers
 PositionRankCredited TitleSpecies / TypeObserved Service YearsNotes
SecurityEnsignHuman male2419-PresentRecurring extra.
EngineerEnsignHuman male2420
EngineerEnsignHuman female2420
SecurityEnsignSecurity Station OfficerHuman male2419Acting Chief of Security.
SecurityEnsignHuman male2419
SecurityN/AVoice from CommHuman male2420Bridge officer

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Personality[edit | edit source]

Teleya was friendly and outgoing towards other Krill. She went out of way to introduce herself to Ed Mercer and Gordon Malloy while undercover on the Yakar despite still being in mourning for her brother. That changed when they killed nearly everyone on the Yakar and captured the ship, barring Teleya and her classroom. So disturbed the act of war, Teleya abandoned her life as a teacher to join the Krill army wishing to personally get revenge against Mercer for all he did to her.

Despite everything Teleya has done, Ed still believes she has a good heart. While being pursued by Chak’tal soldiers, Teleya repeatedly shows the Captain mercy and spares his life on multiple occasions. Further solidifying Ed’s faith in her and in hope for a diplomatic solution between the Union and the Krill’s ever present rivalry.

Teleya scorns post-religious civilizations as a-moral, such as the Union. «You reject the guiding hand of Avis,» she tells Ed. «And without belief, there can be no moral code.»

Ed says that Teleya is afraid to admit that her «superiority» may only be «a comforting myth.»

Информация о сериале

  • Создателем первого сезона, а также Орвилл 2 сезон, дата выхода которого уже объявлена, выступает Сет Макфарлейн. Он занимается сценарием и выступает продюсером киноленты.
  • Режиссерское кресло разделили Джон Кассар, Брэннон Брага («Миссия невыполнима 2») и Джеймс Л. Конуэй.
  • Название корабля и сериала «Орвилл» имеет отсылки к братьям Райт, которые впервые совершили полет на аэроплане. У Эда Мерсера даже стоит фигурка одного из братьев в рубке.
  • Имя второго помощника взято из сериала «Звездный путь: следующее поколение». Там Бортасом называли космический корабль.
  • Бортовой компьютер корабля «Орвилл» говорит голосом Рэйчел Макфарлейн, сестры Сета.
  • Первый сезон официально состоял из 13 серий. Но позже создатели решили показать только двенадцать из них. Тринадцатая серия откроет предстоящий сезон сериала.

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Move to Hulu[edit | edit source]

On July 20, 2019 during San Diego Comic Con, Seth MacFarlane announced the show would move to Hulu for its third season. Charlie Collier, CEO of 20th Century Fox, said the decision to move the show to Hulu was due to scheduling and executive producer David A. Goodman has said that Fox actively wanted to keep the show in its television lineup, but agreed to release it to Hulu.

In their own study of the switch to Hulu, The Popcast found:

The Popcast determined that the change was most likely due to (1) advertising scheduling concerns, (2) Disney’s desire for the Fox channel to focus on sports and news, and (3) the show’s very large streaming audience, most of whom watched through Hulu.
Despite its late announcement, the move to Hulu seems to have been known to the executive producers as early as April 2019, long before a Season 3 was announced. When asked in an April 25 interview if he could make a show on streaming platforms like Netflix or Hulu, MacFarlane avoided answering the question,

However, the acting cast have said that they did not learn of the move to Hulu until just before walking onto the stage of the 2019 San Diego Comic-Con cast panel.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In September , the Orville’s Medical Level requests a DNA specialist for a short-term assignment. It is unclear whether that request was ever filled or by whom.
  • Ed mentions that the ship can go over 10 light-years per hour. Since the International Astronomical Union defines the light-year as the distance light travels in one Julian year (365.25 days), that translates to 87,660 times light speed.

    However, the ship cannot travel at its top speed for very long. In Into the Fold, Isaac states that it would take weeks for the Orville to traverse 1,000 light years. If the Orville were capable of traveling at its top speed for the entire trip, the ship could arrive in just four days.

  • The items listed on the Fantastic Plastics Models website includes a 15 inch long, 1/1400 scale resin model kit of the Orville. It was released in October 2018.
  • The iconic winding staircase connecting the Bridge to the ship’s lower levels is a redesigned set piece from the show American Horror Story: Roanoke, which was filmed in the same studio.
  • The name of the ship comes from David McCullough’s description of Orville Wright in his biography The Wright Brothers.
  • According to Howard Berger, the first season makeup department head, just over 40 alien species live on the ship.
  • While the Orville remains in active service as of the end of Season 2, the ship has been shown to be destroyed on-screen twice. The first was as a simulation in Firestorm, while the second time was genuine, albeit within an alternate timeline, in The Road Not Taken. In addition, Pria Lavesque claims that the Orville was meant to be destroyed earlier in the timeline before she travelled back and saved it.
  • The morning shift on the bridge of the Orville begins at 0800 hours.

Актеры и роли

  • Эд Мерсер — в прошлом преуспевающий офицер, капитан. После того, как застал свою жену с пришельцем, посчитал себя слабым и начал сдавать позиции. Был назначен командиром межгалактического корабля Орвилл. Роль Эда Мерсера досталась американскому актеру Сету Макфарлейну, известному зрителям по фильмам «Американский папаша», «Гриффины».
  • Старпом Келли Грейсен — бывшая жена Эда и его заместитель на корабле. После развода она специально попросилась в помощники к Эду. Спустя некоторое время Эд и Келли решили сохранить дружеские отношения. Роль Келли исполнила американская актриса Эдрианн Палики, сыгравшая много ролей, в том числе в фильмах «Легион», сериалах «Огни большой пятницы», «Агенты Щ. И. Т.».
  • Клэр Финн — специалист в области психологии и генной инженерии, доктор. В роли Клэр — Пенни Джонсон («24 часа», «Касл»).
  • Гордон Маллой (Скотт Граймс) — член экипажа корабля Орвилл. В свою команду его хотел заполучить сам Мерсер, поскольку лучше Гордона во всем флоте не найти.
  • Бортус (Питер Макон) — член команды. Яркий представитель расы Моклан. Бортус высиживает яйцо, и со своим партнером Клайденом становятся родителями.
  • Алара Китан — возглавляет службу безопасности. Очень сильная. Родом из расы Клеянов. В роли Китан — американская актриса Сейдж Хелстон («Бумажные города», «Виктория-победительница»).
  • Джон Ламарр (Дж.Ли) — лейтенант, а позже лейтенант-коммандер, начальник инженерного отдела.
  • Айзек (Марк Джексон) — представитель небиологической расы. Изучает чувства и повадки людей.
  • В составе приглашенных актеров снимались: Роберт Неппер, Виктор Гарбер, Роб Лоу, Келли Ху, Джонатан Адамс и другие.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. ↑ In Into the Fold, Isaac states that it would take weeks for the Orville to traverse 1,000 light years. If the Orville were capable of traveling at its top speed for the entire trip, the ship could arrive in just four days.
  2. Both uses of the tractor beam are seen in Episode 5: Pria.
  3. Repairs are completed before the episode concludes, which means that the repairs must take less than 21 days (because of Bortus’s 21-day incubation period). Episode 2: Command Performance
  4. The Dorahl bioship was horribly damaged by an ion storm. Episode 4: If the Stars Should Appear
  5. Listed is the year a character is seen. However, recurring characters (those appearing across multiple episodes) are assumed to be static members of the Orville, and are given the year of first observation and listed until the present.
  6. ↑ Crew manifest in Episode 1: Old Wounds.
  7. Listed is the year a character is seen. However, recurring characters (those appearing across multiple episodes) are assumed to be static members of the Orville, and are given the year of first observation and listed until the present.
  8. See Bond, Jeff. The World of the Orville. Titan Books. 2018. Pg. 11. But Lineweaver has also said that the number of drafts exceeded 150. See Miller, Bruce R. «Ready for launch: ‘The Orville’ gets set to blast off». Sioux City Journal. Aug. 18, 2018.

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Life[edit | edit source]

Early life and teachingedit | edit source

For most of her working life, Teleya held a post as schoolteacher in Krill society. She worked aboard the Yakar until December teaching Krill children. The Yakar’s mission was to test a prototype bomb on the Planetary Union colony planet Rana 3.

During that month, Teleya’s brother Arnak, a tactical officer, died when the USS Orville destroyed his ship, the Kakov, during the Battle of Kastra 4.

About a week later, Teleya befriended «Chris» and «Devon» (pseudonyms of Ed Mercer and Gordon Malloy respectively), undercover agents of the Union posing as Krill survivors from the battle. Ed and Gordon sabotaged the Yakar’s mission to Rana 3 by manipulating the ship’s lighting to emit deadly amounts of ultraviolet radiation, killing all on the ship but Teleya and her pupils, who were saved by Ed.

Imprisonmentedit | edit source

With the Yakar’s crew dead, Ed and Gordon pilot the Yakar to Union space and took Teleya prisoner. During this time, Teleya was interrogated. She assisted Union xenoanthropologists Doctor Darden, Karx, Franz, and Celeste to study the Anhkana and, when the four converted to the Krill religion, led them in worship of Avis.

Teleya escaped some time after interrogation, though she has refused to explain exactly how.

Joining the Krill militaryedit | edit source

Teleya chose not to return to her old life of teaching, instead choosing «to become a soldier in the divine fight.» Teleya was assigned to an unidentified Krill destroyer under Captain Kratok. While there, she learned to a mission infiltrate the Union as a spy and volunteered in an effort to capture Ed.

Around early June , the Darden and the xenoanthropologists, fully converted to the Krill religion, attempted to join the Krill but were stopped by the Orville. They compromised the ship’s navigational array to send the Orville into Krill space. Teleya served in an advisory role to Kratok to capture the Orville, but the Union ship managed to trick the Krill by using a holographic generator to make a shuttle look like the Orville.

As the Krill pursued the false Orville, the true Orville returned safely to Union space. Teleya told Kratok she had «very special plans» for Ed.

Infiltration of the Planetary Union and capture of Ed Merceredit | edit source

Teleya undercover as Lieutenant Janel Tyler

Main article: Janel Tyler

By the end of June, Teleya underwent transcellular micrographing to assume a new, fake identity: the Human Science Officer Janel Tyler. As Janel, Teleya worked toward a position aboard the Orville as its new dark matter cartographer and began a romantic relationship with Ed in August 2420.

By October 2420, Janel and Ed planned a romantic excursion to Sensoria 2, but Janel led Ed into Krill hands. After feigning torture to trick Ed into divulging his command codes, Janel revealed herself to be Teleya.

Flight from the Chak’taledit | edit source

In October , Chak’tal soldiers attacked the same destroyer housing Teleya and Ed, forcing the two to flee by escape pod to the nearest habitable planet.

Once they landed, Teleya forced Ed at gunpoint to carry a distress beacon to a mountaintop until the planet’s sun crested the horizon. They briefly hid in a cave along the slope from both the light and prowling Chak’tal until Ed calculated that day on the planet would last 23 Earth days. She reluctantly allowed Ed to scale the mountain alone.

Production[edit | edit source]

Season 2.5 was written by executive producer David A. Goodman who noted that the writing process had changed over the previous comics release: Season 1.5. That season had been published after Season 2 aired, allowing Goodman to tell stories connecting Seasons 1 and 2 together, such as how First Officer Kelly Grayson met Cassius. On the other hand, Season 2.5 would be released well before Season 3 would air, and Goodman was forced to write more restrictive stories to avoid spoilers.

The season was drawn by artist David Cabeza. Goodman described movie stars to Cabeza to help him envision each character. Cabeza found First Officer Kelly Grayson and Helmsman Gordon Malloy most difficult to draw while working on Season 1.5 and little changed for him in Season 2.5. «After a year working with these characters I still don’t find the way to draw them right.»

On April 28, 2020, Goodman announced that he had run an idea past his editor at Dark Horse for a new project after Season 2.5 that would hopefully include Cabeza.

Season 2.5 was originally scheduled for release on June 3, but was delayed to September due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Главные персонажи[править]

  • Капитан Эд Мерсер (Сет Макфарлейн) — подающий надежды офицер, для которого наступила чёрная полоса после измены жены. Получает командование «Орвиллом».
  • Коммандер Келли Грейсон (Эдрианн Палики) — первый помощник капитана на борту «Орвилла». Именно Келли ходатайствовала о том, что Мерсер заслуживает собственный корабль, чувствуя вину за супружескую измену.
  • Доктор Клэр Финн (Пенни Джонсон Джеральд) — старший медицинский офицер на борту корабля. Опытный врач. Путешествует на корабле с двумя сыновьями.
  • Лейтенант Гордон Маллой (Скотт Граймс) — рулевой «Орвилла» и лучший друг Мерсера. Считается лучшим пилотом в Союзе, однако мало что принимает всерьёз, что существенно влияет на его карьеру во флоте.
  • Лейтенант-коммандер Бортус (Питер Макон) — второй помощник капитана. Представитель расы моклан, все представители которой являются мужчинами. Живёт на борту с партнёром Клайденом. Когда Бортус высидел яйцо, они стали родителями.
  • Лейтенант Алара Китан (Хелстон Сейдж) — начальник службы безопасности. Представительница расы кселеян, родом с планеты с высоким притяжением. Несмотря на свои скромные габариты, является сильнейшим существом на корабле. Возвращается на родную планету во втором сезоне.
  • Лейтенант (позже лейтенант-коммандер) Джон Ламарр (Дж. Ли) — навигатор «Орвилла». Позже проявляет недюжинные инженерные навыки. Его повышают и назначают начальником инженерного отдела.
  • Айзек (Марк Джексон) — офицер по науке. Представитель кибернетической расы кайлонов. Постоянно изучает членов команды, пытаясь разобраться в таких понятиях, как юмор, дружба и привязанность.
  • Лейтенант Талла Кеяли (Джессика Зор) — начальник службы безопасности. Появляется на корабле после ухода Алары Китан. Принадлежит к расе кселеян, как и Алара, правда, является более опытным офицером.


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  • Сет Макфарлейн — капитан Эд Мерсер. Мерсер был преуспевающим офицером, который полагал, что к 40 годам уже будет командовать своим собственным кораблём. Однако за год до присвоения ему звания пилота он застал жену в постели с пришельцем. Из-за этого он сдал свои позиции, считая себя слабым. После того, как было сообщено, что из-за размера флота и выхода на пенсию бывшего капитана Орвилл, корабль нуждался в новом командире, Мерсер был выбран ему на замену.
  • Эдрианн Палики — старпом Келли Грейсен. Первый помощник капитана и бывшая жена Мерсера. Они развелись, когда Мерсер поймал Келли в постели с инопланетянином. Без ведома капитана Мерсера Келли лично отправилась к адмиралу Хэлси, чтобы он её направил в команду своего бывшего мужа, заявив, что, несмотря на некоторые личные неудачи, он заслужил свою собственную команду. Они решают отложить свои разногласия, работать вместе как команда и оставаться друзьями.
  • Пенни Джонсон — доктор Клэр Финн. Имеет опыт в молекулярной хирургии, генной инженерии и психиатрии, который мог бы предоставить ей привилегию выбирать, служить на тяжелом крейсере или нет. Вместо этого она выбрала разведывательное судно среднего уровня.
  • Скотт Граймс — лейтенант Гордон Маллой, рулевой на корабле «Орвилл». Считается лучшим рулевым во флоте. Он был отправлен на дежурную службу после попытки произвести впечатление на девушку, в результате которой он сдвинул дверь грузового отсека во время неустойчивой челночной стыковки, потеряв груз в процессе. Он был специально запрошен Мерсером, несмотря на некоторое сомнение адмирала Хэлси.
  • Питер Макон — лейтенант Бортус, второй помощник на корабле. Бортус принадлежит расе Моклан, на планете которых, как правило, рождаются только мужчины. Бортус и его партнер Клайден становятся родителями, когда Бортус высиживает яйцо.
  • Хелстон Сейдж — офицер Алара Китан, начальник службы безопасности. Она из расы Клеянов, которые обитают на планете с высокой гравитацией, из-за чего её сила многократно превосходит человеческую.
  • Дж. Ли — лейтенант Джон Ламарр, навигатор на корабле «Орвилл». Позже возглавляет инженерный отдел, получив звание лейтенанта-коммандера.
  • Марк Джексон (голос) — офицер Айзек, член искусственной, небиологической расы из Кайлона-1, которая рассматривает все биологические формы жизни как низшие. Взаимодействуя с экипажем он пытается изучить некоторые аспекты человеческого поведения, такие как юмор, сарказм, значение секса и сленг.

Второстепенный состав

  • Чад Коулмэн — Клайден, муж и помощник Бортуса.
  • Норм Макдональд (голос) — Яфет, желатиновая форма жизни, член экипажа, всеми усилиями пытается уговорить корабельного доктора Клэр Финн на свидание с ним.
  • Ларри Джо Кэмпбелл — бортинженер Стив Ньютон.
  • Рэйчел Макфарлейн — голос компьютера корабля «Орвилл».

Приглашённые актёры

  • Виктор Гарбер — адмирал Хэсли, начальник Мерсера и старый друг отца Грейсон.
  • Брайан Джордж — доктор Аронов, лидер научной станции Episilon II.
  • Рон Кэнада — адмирал Такер, который приказал лейтенанту Аларе покинуть захваченных капитана Мерсера и Келли Грейсон.
  • Джонатан Адамс — арбитр Моклана.
  • Холланд Тейлор — Джинни Мерсер, мать капитана Мерсера.
  • Джеффри Тэмбор — Бен Мерсер, отец капитана Мерсера.
  • Роберт Неппер — Хамелак.
  • Лиам Нисон — Яхавус Дорал, капитан Биокорабля (1 сезон, 4-я серия, 37 минута).
  • Шарлиз Терон — Приа Лавеску.
  • Келли Ху — адмирал Озава, которая посылает Мерсера и Маллоя внедриться в стан криллов на захваченном челноке. Командует тяжёлым крейсером «Олимпия».
  • Брайан Томпсон — гуманоид в 8-й серии, который похищает доктора Клэр Финн после крушения шаттла.
  • Роб Лоу — Дарулио, ретепсианский археолог, с которым Эд застаёт Келли в первой серии. Возвращается в 9-й серии, чтобы помочь разрешить конфликт.

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USS Orville

Alternate timelines[edit | edit source]

Pria timelineedit | edit source

In an alternate timeline in which the time travelling antiquities thief Pria Lavesque did not steal the Orville, the ship is destroyed in a dark matter storm in late .

The Road Not Taken timelineedit | edit source

In an alternate timeline when Kelly Grayson turns down a second date with Ed Mercer, Ed never becomes captain of the Orville. Instead after the Orville’s original captain retires, she is replaced by Captain Griffith in September 2419. As a result, Kelly, Gordon Malloy, and Doctor Claire Finn never joined the crew.

During the Battle of Earth, the Orville is badly damaged and crashes at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. Most of the crew perished or evacuated, but Bortus (as acting captain) was stranded on the ship for months. Between six and nine months later, Kelly, Ed, Gordon, Claire, her sons Ty and Marcus Finn, John, and Talla Keyali retrieve the Orville and rescue Bortus.

The Orville is destroyed by the Kaylon while sending Claire to the year .

Renewal[edit | edit source]

Renewal came late in the year for The Orville, several weeks after the conclusion of Season 2. While the cast expressed their hopes for a Season 3 and the producers said they were «optimistic,» Fox declined to answer publicly whether the show was renewed or cancelled through the show’s entire second season run. At the end of Season 2, ratings analysts were divided whether The Orville would be renewed.

At the end of April 2019, creator and showrunner Seth MacFarlane said that he had decided before Season 1 aired that if he did not see «growth» by the end of Season 2 then he would end the show,

The show’s producers entered talks with Fox concerning renewal by May. MacFarlane’s ten-year contract with Fox was set to expire in June 2019, and many suspect the future of The Orville to be a part of negotiations.

By early May, the show’s producers possibly entered talks with Fox on renewal. At that time, executive producer David A. Goodman commented: «I think the show has been doing well for . The studio loves the show. It sells well in foreign sales. So, I am optimistic, but as I often say in this business it is nothing until it is something.»

Fox officially announced that The Orville was renewed on May 11, 2019.

Two days later, editor and associate producer Tom Costantino said that the show was never in danger of cancellation: the very late date of renewal was the result of Fox’s business interests and not about the show’s ratings.

Life[edit | edit source]

Topa shortly after hatching.

Topa hatched from an egg to Bortus and Klyden in late October . Topa was born in space aboard the USS Orville, where he has lived his entire life. Topa was born female, extremely rare among Moclans.

After hatching, Bortus and Klyden declined to name their child until a sex-change operation could be performed to make Topa male. However, Bortus changed his mind after watching the film Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Their disagreement led to a formal Tribunal on the planet Moclus. The jury found in favor of Klyden, and the surgery was performed by Moclan doctors the following day. Bortus then named their son Topa.

Around February , Klyden and Bortus took Topa to the Sick Bay for vaccinations. Bortus complained to Doctor Claire Finn that the baby cried incessantly.

Childhoodedit | edit source

By June, the now eight-month-old Topa had matured to the equivalent of a seven-year-old human. Klyden saw he could no longer spend the entire day entertaining Topa and had Bortus enroll him in the Orville’s classroom under Cassius. After Topa’s first two days, Bortus reported that his son enjoyed school.

By August, Topa reached the development of an eight-year-old human. That same month, he attended Bortus’ ja’loja on Moclus and reception in the ship’s mess hall.

In November, Topa and Klyden attended Bortus and First Officer Kelly Grayson’s joint birthday party on the bridge of the Orville.

In December, Topa and his parents attended the Union Symphony concert held in the Shuttle Bay. Just prior to the concert, Topa told Bortus that he liked his new mustache.

Around December 2420 or very early January , Locar, Bortus’ former kodashik, joined the Orville to upgrade its Deflector Screens. Klyden divulged Bortus’ prior relationship to Topa, much to Bortus’ dismay. Topa met Locar the next day when Klyden invited him to dinner and asked if Locar and Bortus had made an egg.

The Orville docked at Kaylon 1 in late January. Topa attended Isaac’s farewell party with his parents in the Mess Hall. Topa and Klyden were in their quarters when the Kaylon stormed the ship. They were taken captive in the Shuttle Bay until Isaac and Ty Finn freed them. It is not known where Topa stayed during the ensuing Battle of Earth.

Months later, Bortus and Klyden developed an intense addiction to cigarettes. Doctor Claire Finn had Topa stay with her sons, Ty and Marcus, while his parents quit.

Topa following the reassignment procedure.

Klyden began teaching Topa the Moclan belief that females were inferior, which evidently influenced Topa. Topa shoved a fellow classmate named Olivia for her toy, insisting that, because females were inferior, their feelings could be disregarded. Bortus took Topa to the quarters of Toren and Korick to show him their daughter Mersa. Bortus made Topa promise not to tell anyone of Mersa, but the boy eventually told Klyden. Klyden told the Orville’s command. Topa apologized to Bortus for breaking his promise. Later, after Bortus fought in the Battle of the Sanctuary, he observed Topa working well with Olivia and other girls.

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