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По велению адской сестры 3 сезон

Главные герои

  • БасараТодзе – он только кажется простаком, который ничего не смыслит в жизни. В действительности парень является прославленным воителем.
  • Мио Нарусэ – является дочерью повелителя демонического мира, получившей его силу. И поэтому теперь ее пытаются уничтожить.
  • Мария Нарусэ – красивая девушка, являющаяся суккубом. Использует свои чары, чтобы попасть вместе с хозяйкой в семью Тодзе.
  • ЮкиНонака–подруга детства героя, с которой он не виделся достаточно давно, поскольку она тоже была изгнана.
  • КурумиНонака – младшая сестра Юки, которая с недоверием относилась к ее другу, но позже красавица в него попросту влюбилась.
  • Рукия – родственница Марии, подчиняющаяся силам тьмы.


Chisato is an stunningly attractive woman with sexy hip-length black hair that has bangs hanging on the right side with two ahoges, green eyes, a mole under her left eye, red round glasses, one earring on her left ear and a voluptuous figure where her breasts are larger than Mio Naruse and her butt is bigger than Yuki Nonaka.

Her work outfit consists of a green knitted turtleneck, a tight black mini-skirt along with her cross garter motif stockings, and her signature white lab coat. Chisato wearing her white lab coat is their sign that she’s still doing her job and acting as a teacher, but whenever the lab coat comes off she gets to just be Basara Toujou’s woman.

With her casual clothes Chisato usually tries to maintain a strong sense of adult appeal, but depending upon her mood she’s open to being more frilly and girly. During the winter, Chisato wears a long white coat, with a mutton scarf, and low heeled boots.

In warmer weather, Chisato wears a short coat, a fluttery flare skirt, and cute accessories. In the privacy of her apartment or the Toujou house, Chisato wears sheer silk baby dolls, decorated with lace to show off her breasts and butt.

In her Afueria form, Chisato gains a golden aura. Her hair color changes from black to gold with blue colors. 

Главные герои телесериала

  • БасараТодзе – один из главных героев, который приходится братом Марии и Мио. Басара принадлежал к клану Героев, что всегда было очень почетно и уважаемо, а затем был изгнан, что очень тяжело пережил.
  • Мио Нарусэ – девушка, отец которой является властителем демонических созданий. От своего родственника Мио унаследовала некоторые способности, однако попала под контроль сводного брата, которому теперь вынуждена подчиняться.
  • Мария Нарусэ – суккуб, сестра Мио и Басары.
  • ЮкиНонака – девушка, которая является хорошим другом главного героя. Общения у них в последнее время не было, так как девушка была изгнана.
  • КурумиНонака – девушка, которая, как и главный герой, принадлежит к клану Героев. Вначале она не ладит с Басарой, однако после того как он её спасет, у них не только устанавливаются теплые дружеские отношения, но у девушки появляется к нему сильная симпатия и даже влюбленность.
  • Рукия – старшая сестра Марии, которая, несмотря на свой довольно юный вид, имеет железный характер.


  • Тодзе Басара. Юноша, состоявший вместе с отцом в клане героев. Парня изгнали из сообщества. Однажды отец сообщает Басаре, что у него есть две сводных серы, принадлежащие к миру демонов.
  • Нарусэ Мио. Одна из сестер Басары. Является дочерью Вильберто – правителя мира демонов. Обладает магической силой, но совершает ошибку и становится полностью зависимой от брата.
  • Нарусэ Мария. Суккуб. Вторая сводная сестра главного героя.
  • Нонака Юки. Лучшая подруга Басары. После изгнания парня из клана, не видела его много лет.
  • Нонака Куруми. Младшая сестра Юки. После ухода Басары из сообщества героев относилась к нему негативно. Но юноша однажды спас ей жизнь. С этого момента Юки влюбилась в него.
  • Рукия. Внешне выглядит как юная девушка, но ведет себя как взрослая, умудренная жизнью женщина. Сестра Марии.


Right now, I am someone who exists for your sake…if you think of me as someone precious to you, then I want to be of even more use to you. Even though the problem with the demons has settled down, for now, it’s not a perfectly good or worry-free situation. In case you run out of trump cards when you go to the Demon Realm. I want to give you a new trump card using this contract with me.

—Chisato’s love for Basara

She has proven to have a stronger attachment towards Basara, more so than the other students, to the point of asking for assistance to take off her swimsuit and inviting him to her apartment for dinner. Chisato even started to make more sexual advances toward Basara and progressed to them having a secret relationship, accepting all of the advances he makes toward her without refusing.

Despite being calm most of the time, she can be jealous of all the other girls who’re in love with Basara as stated several times when he already spends more time with them rather than herself. Chisato doesn’t like it when Basara talks to the others as noted when he was talking to Mio and the others over the phone when she was spending time with him in Volume VIII, even teasing him over the phone as punishment for taking too long.

She can also show intense anger towards those who attempted to kill Basara as proven when Ornis tried stealing Banishing Shift and kill him due to jealously, which was attributed due to the fact that he caused Basara to distrust and even point his blade at her.

To match with Basara becoming more sadistic in making the others in his harem submit to him using the Master-Servant Pact, she has become more of a masochist, desiring to fall from being one of the highest-ranked gods, a member of the Ten Gods, into being his sex slave, as well as a teacher who fell to one of her students, a fact that she sees as being the most depraved

Abilities and Powers

Although most of her abilities are unknown, Liala has proven to possess immense power as Takigawa called her a monster and is one of the most powerful demons among both factions. She was able to immobilize the Demon Council, who held strength that was similar or far greater than Zolgear by unleashing her aura and killing them all with no effort at all. The Demon Council and even Jin Toujou sensed that her pressure was stronger than Chaos, a Demon God and King of the Heroic Spirits possessing immeasurable strength was far above S-Class. She could also detect Jin inside of the council room despite his effort to eliminate his presence. Balflear even believes that she could possess the power to go against even the Ten Gods themselves.

Master-Servant Contract (Master): After Leonhart’s defeat in Volume VIII, realizing that Basara’s strength was also rooted in the bonds with those closest to him, he tied a Master-Servant Contract with Liala as his Master, while he acted as her Knight. Though it was never stated, she became also stronger than before due to the bond that she shares with Leonhart.


  • Chisato’s measurements at the start of the Series: B98-W58-H88(I).
  • Chisato’s height is 168cm (5 ft 6)
  • Chisato’s weight is 48kg
  • Chisato enjoys eating grilled meat and hamburgers.
  • Due to her power, she was the one who took the longest to complete the Master-Servant Contract (Basara needed one year to «subdue» Chisato) and the Master-Servant Vow (Basara needed 3 hours to «subdue» Chisato).
  • First girl to give a fellatio to Basara.
  • Chisato weak spot originally was her hymen, but it becomes her womb after she lost her virginity.
  • Chisato’s first sexual intercourse was double penetration (Basara Toujou grew another penis)
  • She has a personal succubus vibrating anal beads (was a gift).
  • Basara has intrauterine intercourse exclusively with Chisato.
  • Chisato bears a resemblance to Kyoko Minazuki from the Rival Schools

    Both are the respective school’s nurses and the wear similar outfits, apart from the color of their Turtle Neck.


  • When Ookuma was asked «Which of your characters would you like to marry?» by a fan on twitter using the being question box service, he responded by saying «Chisato».
  • She is currently pregnant with the child of Basara.
  • Many aspects of Chisato’s character serve as the base for the character of Mika Ogami from Uesu’s post Shinmai series Yarisugita. Mika Ogami not only inherited Chisato’s title «All Too Beautiful Goddess», but she also shares a secret relationship with the series protagonist.



Under her original name, Afureia, she was one of the highest-ranked gods and the younger cousin of Raphaeline, Basara’s surrogate/biological mother who she adored as an older sister. 15 years prior, after he was born, Afureia witnessed her cousin undergoing punishment for having the son of a hero and demon and blamed herself for not being able to do anything. In order to honor Raphaeline, she had brought Basara to Jin in the Human World and informed him about the wishes of her cousin.

Chisato Hasegawa

Ultimately with the help of the two gods that were allied with Raphaeline, Chisato gave up her position as a Ten God and had her powers sealed so that she could live among the humans and watch over Basara.

Сюжет сериала

Басару вполне доволен своей жизнью. Он считает себя простым подростком, которому уготовано прекрасное будущее. Единственное, что его огорчает, это одиночество отца. Мужчина является вдовцом и категорически отказывается рассмотреть вариант с повторной женитьбой. А ведь парню так не хотелось оставаться единственным ребенком в семье. Он всегда надеялся на то, что у него появится сестра, о которой можно будет заботиться. Но чем больше парень уговаривал отца, тем сильнее тот злился. Вскоре юноша понял, что такие разговоры являются совершенно бесполезными. И поэтому прекратил любые попытки уговорить родственника отказаться от вынужденного одиночества, на которое он самостоятельно себя обрек.

Каково же было удивление парня, когда родственник сообщил ему о намерении вновь связать себя узами брака. Конечно, это было весьма неожиданное решение. Поскольку всего несколько месяцев назад он ничего не желал об этом слышать, а теперь вдруг кардинально переменился. Кроме того, мужчина сообщил сыну о том, что у него теперь появятся две сводные сестры. Ведь у возлюбленной есть две дочки от первого брака, которых теперь они будут воспитывать вместе. Встреча с новыми родственницами состоялась спонтанно, поэтому подросток даже не смог как следует подготовиться и как-то взять под контроль эмоции.

Такой же неожиданной новостью стал и скорый отъезд папы. Он сообщил о том, что намерен отправиться за своей избранницей в другую страну, чтобы помочь ей завершить текущие дела. И поэтому Басару придется все это время присматривать за родственницами. Конечно, это было крайне странно. Но поделать ничего было нельзя, поэтому ему пришлось смириться. На этом приключения парня не закончились. Ведь выяснилось, что эти девушки на самом деле не являются людьми. Одна из них суккуб, а вторая и вовсе повелительница мира демонов. Они прибыли на землю, чтобы спрятаться от своих врагов. И самым безопасным местом сочли дом героя.

Вот только они никак не могли ожидать, что этот парень тоже окажется не так прост. Ведь он в действительности является защитником человечества. В прошлом он состоял в отряде «Героев». Все они были прекрасными воинами, которые в совершенстве владели огромной силой, заключенной в их орудиях. Но со временем Басару понял, что больше не желает рисковать собственной жизнью. Именно поэтому он полностью отошел от дел. Никто не мог ожидать, что однажды ему вновь придется взять в руки свое оружие. И вовсе не для того, чтобы помочь братьям из клана взять в плен, а потом убить повелительницу демонов. По нелепой случайности эти двое заключают контракт. Согласно его условиям, школьник должен стать защитником для этой принцессы из мира теней. И поэтому ему придется выступить против тех, кого он в прошлом считал своими товарищами.

Таблица с выходом серий

Номер серииНазвание новой серииДата выхода эпизода
3 сезон 1 серияЭпизод 1весна 2020 года
3 сезон 2 серияЭпизод 2весна 2020 года
3 сезон 3 серияЭпизод 3весна 2020 года
3 сезон 4 серияЭпизод 4весна 2020 года
3 сезон 5 серияЭпизод 5весна 2020 года
3 сезон 6 серияЭпизод 6весна 2020 года
3 сезон 7 серияЭпизод 7весна 2020 года
3 сезон 8 серияЭпизод 8весна 2020 года
3 сезон 9 серияЭпизод 9весна 2020 года
3 сезон 10 серияЭпизод 10весна 2020 года

Будем надеяться на то, что создатели будут придерживаться намеченного плана выхода новых серий, и хотя бы через год мы увидим продолжение любимого аниме. Раньше вообще ходили слухи о том, что данный мультипликационный сериал будет закрыт, так что дата выхода в 2020 году – это хорошая новость, несмотря на то,ч то ждать этого времени придется ещё очень долго.


Liala is a beautiful woman whose appearance is like a girl in her mid-teens and possessing a voluptuous and well-endowed body-figure. She also has a pair of bright blue eyes, a very long wavy light blonde hair, and a blue ribbon that is tied behind her hair. Her attire is rather revealing, consisting of a simple gown-like cloth that extends from a fluffy collar to her ankles, covering most of her front, and similar-styled clothing on her wrists and legs, completed with white panties. The cloth is narrow, baring the sides of her large breasts and leaving her back and most of her legs completely exposed. Its loose nature also leaves her skin prone to more exposure when moving swiftly. During the battle, Liala is often seen using her hidden scythe, which is located in her angelic wings, to slay her enemies.


Liala was born the single daughter of a demon family with the rank of duke who had produced many Demon Lords in the past, although born with the appearance of a normal demon, as she grew her appearance increasingly became more like that of the Gods that the Demons were descended from and who were also their eternal enemies. In order to protect her, she was locked away almost like a prisoner and shortly thereafter met her new adoptive brother Leohart.

The two would come to fall in love with each other and before Leohart went to fight in the great demon war he had been talked to by his parents who explain their ambition for Leohart to conceive a child with Liala and continue their family’s bloodline. Tragically, after Leohart got back home from the war he discovered that his parents had been killed in an assault by the Demon Council who had learned of Liala and desired to make her their toy.

Volume VII

When Leohart went to visit his sister after sending a challenge to the Moderate Demon Lord faction he discovered her in the middle of giving her guard dog, a hellhound named Bearu, a bath before she ran off from her. Thus the enraged Liala now desired to neuter the dog, in spite of her being female, but was calmed down by Leohart and the two bathed together before going to sleep together.

Volume XI

While Leohart is helping in the battle against Shiba in the human world, Liala takes over discussions with the Moderate Faction regarding peace.

Power and Abilities

God Powers

As a Goddess among the Ten Gods, the highest-ranked beings among the Divine Realm, Chisato wields amazing power and abilities different from Demons and Heroes. Despite having a good portion of her powers being sealed prior to entering the Human World, she was superior to Basara catching his demon sword using her bare hands and later bound him after Brynhildr went berserk. However, due to her allies among the Ten Gods, Chisato can release her original strength to protect Basara and could easily dispatch a lesser god such as Ornis. In Volume XII, she formed a Master-Servant Vow, and in doing so, she regained her original powers as one of the Ten Gods.

  • God Form: Under the condition of coming into the Human World, Chisato had her original form and powers as the Goddess, Afureia sealed. However, she can access her original strength for Basara’s benefit, but this seal broke for a moment after using Banishing Shift by accident.
  • Blessing: An appropriate power for a Goddess, Chisato can bestow blessings onto people such as Heroes, granting them resistance against magic, items, and powers such as the Hero Clan’s magic anesthesia and Maria’s Adult Succubus Form.
  • Ten God Contract: Being a Goddess from the Divine Realm, if Chisato finds someone worthy, she is able to lend a portion of her power to them. However, this process tends to be difficult, where the contractee either hasn’t enough time or exhausts them mentally based on the power being borrowed. As one of the Ten Gods, Chisato must be completely and totally dominated.
  • Time Manipulation: As one of the Ten Gods, time flows differently for Chisato and is incapable of passing time in the Human World. Inside of a barrier, she can manipulate time different from the natural flow of the Human World. She made a barrier around the hotel room that she and Basara were staying in Volume VIII, compressing the time inside of the barrier so the two could spend a year and a half together, but one night passed in the Human World.
  • Maternal Link: Once Chisato regained her true power as one of the Ten Gods by tying the Master-Servant Vow with Basara, she formed a maternal link between both herself and the others expecting mothers. This suppresses the morning sickness and pains associated with pregnancies, this protects the children in their wombs as well, letting them have rough intercourse with Basara without worrying about miscarriages, while also letting them all give birth at the same time.

Magic Master: Being one of the Ten Gods, Chisato has extensive knowledge in magic more so than that of other magic users among either the Demon and Hero Clans.

  • Restraints: Chisato has the power to manifest magical chains that are capable of restraining a rampaging Brynhildr possessed Basara Toujou.
  • Memory Alteration: Chisato can alter the memories of people, by either erasing certain memories and/or making them believe that something else happened instead.
  • Illusion: Chisato once used an illusion to calm down Basara after he had been sent on a rampage.

Master-Servant Contract: Chisato became Basara’s fourth servant, in which she chose to become dominated by him in the same manner as Mio and the others during their contract using the Master-Servant Pact and succubus’ curse. Differing from the other girls, she spent over a year falling to the pleasures of being a sex slave for Basara, which later progresses into the Master-Servant Vow.

Other Skills

Master Nurse: Appropriate for a school nurse, Chisato has a vast amount of medical knowledge concerning not only humans but also demi-humans like Nanao Tachibana and is able to perform her job competently.

Immense Charisma: Thanks to her supernatural beauty, Chisato has a firm grip on the school as it’s number one idol, being unilaterally liked by students and faculty alike, and is easily able to calm a tense situation or dispatch troublemakers simply by being there and giving a gently worded lectures.

Sensory Perception: Chisato can sense Ki as evidenced as during her conversation with Basara in Volume IX, she could sense the spiritual imbalance in him due to their contract leaving him unable to use Banishing Shift. In Volume XII, she quickly confirms the pregnancies of Nanao and Celis several hours after being impregnated.


  • (To Basara Toujou) «If you make enemies, increase your allies. And for both allies and enemies the quantity wasn’t important, but the quality— One can’t weigh the odds of quantity and quality.»
  • (To Basara Toujou) «If you draw a line and absolutely refuse to surrender, then that’s what you need to protect the most. Basara, you need to give more thought to what it is exactly that you truly want to protect.»
  • (To Basara Toujou) «Try not to put too much pressure on yourself. Instead of being afraid of the problems that may arise, think about how you can plan on dealing with them. That’s how you protect the things that are most important to you.»


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(To Basara) «Restraint is poison»

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