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Battle Log[edit | edit source]

Past Battle

  • vs Sōgetsu Ma (lost on purpose)
  • vs members of Black Tiger White Dragon Alliance ( won )
  • vs Chinese Mafia ( probably won )

Present Battle

  • vs Tsuji’s Gang (won)
  • vs Sōgetsu Ma ( won )
  • vs Li Tenmon ( won )
  • vs Rachel Stanley ( no winner, only did perverted things to her )
  • vs Diego Carlo ( won )
  • vs Mikumo Kushinada (undecided)
  • vs Yami bow women ( won )
  • vs ( won )
  • vs. Mildred Lawrence (won, broke her bow)
  • vs Marmaduke Brown (ongoing)

Team Battle

  • With vs Russian Soldiers (won)
  • With Ryozanpaku (except Hayato and Shigure), Cyril Rahman, Ma Sougetsu, and Agaard Jum Sai vs. Hachiou Executioner Blade (except Ganosuke and Michael), Mikumo Kushinada, and Ogata Isshinsai (no winner)

History[edit | edit source]

As stated by Renka, Kensei is revealed to have a wife and three kids, including a 17-year-old daughter named Renka Ma, who followed him from China. During Renka’s childhood, he trained her well and in a flashback, he was seen watching her proudly as she defeated two adult men. Kensei was actually the leader of an elite martial arts organization named Phoenix Alliance in China, made up of a hundred thousand followers. However, he viewed the responsibilities as a nuisance, so he left it all to his wife, and moved to Japan where he operates an acupuncture clinic. He also has an older brother, ‘, and an uncle, Ryō.

Kensei at age 17

During the D of D tournament, Ma Kensei reveals to Kenichi his history with the Three-Headed Dragon team of Kaku Shin Ten(Taichi), Chou Yin Lin (Bagua), and Yo Tekai (Xing Yi) who all hail from the Black Tiger White Dragon Alliance in China, a rival organization of Kensei’s Phoenix Martial Artists Alliance. He apparently meets them when they tried to attack his school. Kensei quickly defeated all of them, however, he is impressed with their potential as martial artists, especially with Kaku, and made him a proposition to become his apprentice. Kaku turned down the offer and left with nothing but anger and hatred for Kensei ever since.

Before  and Apachai arrived at Ryozanpaku, Akisame and Kensei trained Ogata as a disciple.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Shizuha was a kind woman who loved Miu Fūrinji very much that she was not afraid to die protecting her. Like Miu, Shizuha was a very brave and selfless woman who was caring for others that she was willing to do anything for the ones she loved. She was a very modest and noble woman, as, aside from her battle outfit, chose to dress in modest and noble features. She was very embarrassed when she kicked a boulder and showed off her legs too much and tried to cover herself. She also had a bit of a temper, as an embarrassed Shizuha gave Senzui a playful yet forceful punch. This trait would be passed down to her daughter.

She fell in love with Saiga Fūrinji where he wished for her hand in marriage and she wanted to be together with him.

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Personality[edit | edit source]

Cyril is shown to be a gentle and passive man, as seen when he stops Chikage Kushinada from pinching herself as punishment. He believes «the punishments of martial arts should be dealt by martial arts.» Of the masters, he is the only one not excited about pitting his disciple against Kenichi. However, he has a lethal side to him as well, as seen when he attacks the marma points of the forces sent to detain him, with enough power to kill them had not the Ryozanpaku masters intervened and saved them.

His gentleness is also mentioned by his disciple, who wanted to defeat Kenichi in order to put Rachel Stanley under his care and thus save her from the harm of Silcardo Jenazad. He also seems to have an aptitude for tolerance, as his personality rubbed off on his disciple, contrasting largely with Diego Carlo’s flashy personality.

Despite his overall passivity, Cyril believes that the true form of the Satsujinken is emotionlessness. When Akira Hongo arrives at the Yami meeting after Sho’s death, Cyril comments that one must be heartless in order to effectively utilize the Satsujinken, disapproving of Sho inheriting his techniques. How he managed to get his disciple, a Dou fighter, to take upon or bypass this limit effectively is unknown, though it could be that he taught him to keep his emotions within himself and unleash them through his martial arts.

It should be noted that Cyril is a very honorable man due to the fact that when Kushinada threatened the Ryozanpaku masters to have Shigure killed (unaware that Shigure has escaped) the passive and gentle Cyril became disgusted and enraged of the fact that Kushinada is willing to use prisoners as a shield and at that moment he launches a devastating attack that knocks Kushinada backwards damaging her in process as well as telling Kushinada that regardless if your a Satsujinken or not, a true martial artist still needs to have some pride and honor in the way they conduct themselves and that Kushinadas Eternal Sunset is different from his version. Another sign of his honor was how he expressed his disgust with Ogata’s usage of his disciples as test subjects for the Seidou goui technique.

Upon seeing how Kushinada and the Hachiou masters conduct themselves, Cyril Rahman decided to switch sides in order to perserve the honor and intergrity of the Satsujinken so the Hachiou Execuation Blade and Kushinada do not taint the name of «Satsujinken» by their petty tactics, which is a sentiment that is shared by almost all OSNF masters.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Yogi is clad in dark blue, seemingly «kimono-like» attire, he wields two swords, which apparently is very distinguishing. One is a standard katana, and the other is a wakizashi. His hair is grey. He is also incredibly muscular, with his muscles being visible through his clothing, and they in fact fill out the usually loose style of clothing he wears. Through a silhouette, it can be seen that Yogi is also an elderly man, presumably in the same age range as the Elder, having a similar mustache and a longer beard. Overall, Ōganosuke’s appearance resembles a dark version of the Elder, but his face and eyes are never clearly seen.

Ragnarok Saga[edit | edit source]

Siegfried Arcedit | edit source

Loki first «appears» using one of his «shadows» to meet with Niijima and to destroy Shinpaku Alliance. His thugs soon surround Niijima and his common soldiers and gang up on them, though are defeated when Kenichi, Takeda, and Ukita burst in and join the fray.

Loki is then seen talking with Siegfried about Shinpaku, and quickly spots Niijima, who was spying on the two at the time. He allows Siegfried to chase Niijima and arranges for Niijima’s deportation on a cargo ship. He orders his common thugs to attack Kenichi and Miu, who try to save Niijima, though does not participate in the battle himself.

Loki then meets up with Hermit and kidnaps Honoka, using Kensei’s name to quiet the protest from Hermit and order the latter around. During Kenichi’s battle with Hermit, Loki threatens Kenichi to stop while he orders Number 20 to hold a knife to Honoka and Hermit to attack Kenichi, all the while detailing Hermit’s past that led up to his entrance into the world of martial arts. When Hermit refuses, Loki steps into battle himself and attacks Kenichi, while his plans are ruined with Hermit saving Honoka. The battle ends harshly for him as Odin breaks his goggles and chastises him for haphazardly dropping Kensei’s name, forcing Loki to retreat. Loki is seen talking with the other Fists, especially Berserker, who he claims would be a greater leader than Odin on several occasions.

Final Clash arcedit | edit source

With a wall of his «shadows» blocking Niijima’s exit from the warehouse, Loki manages to put Shinpaku to its own standstill, though the common Ragnarök forces are unable to catch Niijima. Loki uses this as an opportunity to blame Odin for Ragnarök’s recent troubles and unveils his New Eight Fists to replace the old Eight Fists that Ragnarök lost, allowing himself to be ranked second to Berserker. However, he and his replacement Fists are quickly defeated by Berserker, who shows no interest of leading any gang.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Freya is a calm and stoic person who rarely shows emotion, although unlike Loki Shadows, she clearly cares for her underlings. Despite strongly believing in the rules of Ragnarok, she is not completely heartless and actually puts her principles of the Katsujinken (The Saving Fist), likely ingrained into her Danki Kugatachi (Kaname’s master), before them: she let Kisara Nanjō, a former loyal subordinate, go peacefully after the latter storms their headquarters and declares a challenge against Freya, who says that she had already been punished for her treachery by the Valkyries. Freya also refuses to continue after Kisara breaks her staff, believing that once her staff is broken, it is already her defeat, and acknowledges Kisara for her strength. While a very strong fighter and almost disregarding her gender, she has the fear of mice which she displays with very girlish reactions, jumping into Thor’s arms to escape the mouse, much to his enjoyment. She also seems to be a tad sexual, performing the seductive pose that Kensei asked her to perform in order to learn about a technique that Kenichi just used in a fight (though maybe she is just willing to go to such lengths in order to win). More recently, she shows a more friendly, big-sister like side in front of Kisara. Freya also seems to have a crush on Ukita as noted by Miu but doesn’t seem to act on it, most likely to give way to Kisara and just remain a third-party. Recently, she eagerly accepts a double date that Ukita arranges alongside Takeda. It is seen she might have feelings for Takeda which is shown when James Shiba believes they are a couple causing her to blush. She does however, show jealousy when another girl named Shiratori, starts to have eyes on Ukita as well. Like Shigure, Freya doesn’t seem to have much modesty, as shown when she had no problem walking about topless in the hotelroom she was staying in with Kisara and says she always sleeps topless.

Plot Outline[edit | edit source]

An ambitious Tsuji Shinnosuke leads a small gang over to fight Kenichi, asking him to join Ragnarok. He becomes irritated by Kenichi’s denial and continual upholdings of logical thought and manages to defeat him with his pure fighting experience. He seems dissapointed by kenichi barely managing to prove himself, apart from taking a good beating.

Tsuji Threatening kenichi

When Kenichi finally manages to get Tsuji off balance, he is too amazed by this accomplishment that he forgets about the fight, leading Tsuji to take over and threatens to break Kenichi’s leg if he does not join him. Takeda shows up and manages to save the day. He then orders his goons to chase Kenichi after the latter is rescued by Takeda, but is stopped by Ma Kensei.

Tsuji, with his small gang, walks around a corner, where Kenichi accidentally kicks him and knocks him down, resulting in a loss. The loss happens a third time, and Tsuji starts to respect Kenichi when he realizes that the two members who stuck by his side were his friends.

Following his defeat by Kenichi, Tsuji goes into the mountains to train. He finds a master, a large old man wearing a bear skin over his head that stretched down to his legs who decided to teach Tsuji his martial arts under the condition that Tsuji has to leave the mountains when he finishes his training.

Tsuji comes back from his training in the mountains to return to Ragnarok, and immediately heads over to Kisara’s headquarters to challenge her. However, he is more than surprised to find out that Ragnarok has disbanded and Shinpaku Alliance now holds it. Losing the initial purpose of his training, he decides to seek out Kenichi again to defeat him in a rematch.

While he fights Kenichi in Ryozanpaku, Tsuji demonstrates a tremendous increase in skill, though his punches are still slow enough for Kenichi to dodge. Nonetheless, he was able to obtain a victory over Kenichi, ironically by means of an opportune attack when Kenichi looked away, similar to how he was defeated by Kenichi. He then runs away refusing a rematch saying that he’s going to hold onto the victory for the rest of his life and never fight Kenichi again.

Tsuji is last seen in the epilogue performing in a band composed of Siegfried, Thor, and himself.

Skill[edit | edit source]

Immense Speed: Like the rest of Ogata’s disciples (minus Berserker), Rimi has learned the «Ogata style» of Ancient Martial Arts, which makes her both a practitioner of Ancient Martial Arts, as well as a Mixed Martial Artist. Rimi’s primary ability as a martial artist is her immense speed, which allows her to outpace, outrun, and overwhelm her opponents in various ways, including hit and run, and barrage tactics. She could move at speeds so fast that she can do a full body check on multiple foes in an instant. Even Miu (who has reflexes against anyone who attacks her from behind) didn’t even notice her. In her fight with Miu, it is revealed that she could accelerate her speed and power to the point where it surpasses Miu’s by taking the CD and her Bra at the same time, even though she got tired after doing that. It was revealed that as part of Ogata’s training, she uses solid gold shoes as weights, and when she takes them off, she uses her speed to its maximum. After her training in the mountains, her speed had increased even further that even Miu now can’t keep up anymore and is able to overwhelm her constantly resulting in Miu having to keep her guard up just to keep up with her.

Enhanced Strength: Despite her slender frame, Rimi possessed deceptively high levels of physical strength. During her first fight against Miu, she was able to take down an opponent as large and resilient as Thor with some effort and a few kicks. After her training with Ogata, Rimi’s raw physical strength seems to have increased tremendously. When fighting against Miu, she was able to physically overpower her, due to the effects of the Seidou Gōitsu, despite Miu’s considerable strength and she noted that her attacks were much heavier and difficult to withstand than before.

Enhanced Endurance: Rimi had shown to have a strong amount of stamina and endurance, having taken several blows from Miu, while in her berserker form, and managed to continue fighting while ignoring most of them. Even when Miu gained control of her Dou Ki and dealt even more serious blows, Rimi was able to stay conscious and attempted to continue fighting, despite her lack of strength to stand. Her endurance is ultimately put to the test, when she performs Seidou Gōitsu in an extremely weakened state, and manages to maintain it’s use for a fairly long period of time, before ultimately collapsing from the injuries.

Strong Dual Ki: According to Miu, she had no killing intent or any other heavy type of Ki that other martial artists possess. However, Kensei states that he has unlocked her Dou Ki and that she possesses almost as much of it as Miu does. Miu states because of her how much stronger her Ki is now that she lets it flow wildly that resulted in her dropping her guard for Miu to counter. Once releasing her Dou Ki, Rimi was much more powerful and leaves Miu unable to keep up and left with brutal injuries from her assault. She also has great control of her Ki, which allowed her to overcome Miu’s berserk state and turn the tides in her favor. However during her training in the mountains, Kensei also taught her how to produce Sei Ki, noting that she had the same potential in it’s use as Kenichi and Odin, making her the third disciple who can use and combine both ki types.

Innate Talent: According to Kensei, Rimi had a talent that only one in a thousand have. Even Miu considered her as a genius, though she noted that her skills were not perfected. This allowed her to grow by leaps and bounds under Kensei’s tutelage, to the point where she could outmatch and overwhelm Miu, a more experienced fighter and prodigy in her own right on their third fight. Kensei also noted that like Odin and Kenichi, she was one of the few martial artists who possessed the ability to naturally learn how to use either Dou or Sei Ki, and again referred to her talent as unique when she used Seidou Gōitsu.

Keen Instincts: She had reliable instincts, since her instincts told her about the quality of the Shinpaku Alliance, that she wouldn’t win a fair and square fight against Miu, and that she knows that her instincts are always right. Even Ogata himself praised and told Rimi to follow her instincts.


History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi revolves around the titular protagonist Kenichi Shirahama. After a lifetime of being bullied and degraded, Kenichi decides to learn how to stick up for himself when he meets a girl named Miu Furinji, granddaughter of superhuman martial arts master Hayato. Once enrolled in her dojo, Ryōzanpaku, he experiences hell-like training at the hands of its 6 masters in order to learn each of their styles of martial arts.

Upon learning of his newfound fighting prowess, a gang of bullies named Ragnarok attempt to recruit him or take him down. After disbanding them, Kenichi and his friends are targeted by the rival dojo Yami. Unlike Ryōzanpaku who believe all lives are worthy and must be spared in battle (Satsujin-Ken), Yami subscribe to the philosophy that Martial Arts are inherently a tool used for killing, and while not obliged to murder, it is far from wrong to do so (Katsujin-Ken) Ryōzanpaku eventually tries to combat the school in order to stop their leaders’ goal of spreading warfare and chaos around the world.

Skills[edit | edit source]

While not much has been shown of her overall abilities, Shizuha was recognized as the second strongest fighter ever produced within the Kuremisago Clan. She was shown to an extremely powerful fighter, taking down several members of her own clan with Saiga alone is enough to prove her worth as a fighter. Even Hayato Fūrinji (Saiga’s father) and the Invincible Superman complimented her skills, which is a testament to her skills. She is shown to be an incredible, powerful, and skilled martial artist.

  • Immense Speed: Shizuha had extreme speed for her age, even after giving birth to Miu Fūrinji after some time had passed, she was able to move in a blizzard at such speed all the while dodging several attacks and protecting her daughter with little difficulty despite her taking some injuries.
  • Great Combat Knowledge: Being a member of the Kuremisago Clan, Shizuha knew several fighting skills and was very adept in combat.
  • Immense Strength: Despite Shizuha’s womanly and slender figure, she displayed remarkable strength as she was capable of destroying a large boulder with a single upward kick.
  • Immense Dou Ki: Just like her daughter, Shizuha had an enormous amount of  Dou Ki that would burst out of her and she has full conrol of her Ki that she was capable of using it to the full extent.

Battle Log[edit | edit source]

Past Battlesedit | edit source

  • vs 500 martial artists ( won )
  • vs Silkwat Jenazad ( no winner, one master that gave him a hard fight )
  • vs unknown Kalarippayattu master ( won )
  • vs Apachai Hopachai ( interrupted, was winning )
  • vs Zombie ( mention when Niijima told Kenichi about Siegfried, was likely exaggerating, but likely won )
  • with Mikumo Kushinada vs several Yami bases in WWII ( won )

Battles Presentsedit | edit source

  • vs Seitarō Raigō (undecided)
  • vs Meatman ( won )
  • vs Seitarō Raigō round 2 (undecided)
  • vs Ōganosuke Yogi ( won, as admitted by Ōganosuke)

Battles as Garyū X (present)edit | edit source

  • vs Kaien Ōsugi ( won )
  • vs 51 year-old Kicking Demon Robusaki Gorobe ( won )
  • vs Miu and Kenichi (forfeit, he forfeited the match because they showed improvement )
  • vs American army base ( won, all the soldiers retreated and a few tanks were destroyed )

Yami Unarmed Division[edit | edit source]

The Unarmed Division is the division of Yami that specifically excels in hand-to-hand combat. Most of the members of this division tend to operate most if not all of their missions single handily and solely by themselves, and it has rarely been shown that members of this division actually work together on the same mission or as partners. One such example is in the case of Christopher Eclair and Mycroft, who were partners even before they became members of Yami. The most powerful members of this division operate as a ten-man unit and refer to themselves as the One Shadow Nine Fists.

The One Shadow, Nine Fists are the ten most powerful unarmed combatants of Yami and the leaders of the Hand-to-Hand Division of the organization, with the One Shadow also being the overall leader of Yami. Each member is a master of a different Martial Art and each promotes the Satsujinken (The Killing Fist) as their belief of what true Martial Arts are meant for. Each member also has a disciple, whom they have personally trained and who each make up the ten strongest members of Yomi. Each member is assigned an element as their symbol, which their disciples in YOMI use as well. Despite being allies, they do not get along well, with Silcardo Jenazad saying the only reason they have come together is so that they can avoid fighting each other.

Also to note are the names of the nine Fists with regard to their degree of cooperation with Yami. Masters such as Silcardo Jenazad, Agaard Jum Sai, and Sōgetsu Ma have only «Fist» to show in their names while their titles speak of themselves not as «Fists» but as «God» or «Sovereign». In stark contrast are Isshinsai Ogata and Alexander Gaidar, who are both «Fists» and cooperative with the other members of Yami.

There are currently seven active members: Akira Hongō, Agaard Jum Sai, Cyril Rahman, Isshinsai OgataMikumo Kushinada, Sōgetsu Ma, and their leader Saiga Fūrinji. Alexander Gaidar and Diego Carlo were defeated and sent to Big Lock and Junazard was killed in his death match with Hongō. Agaard was defeated, but Yami’s control of the government at the time saved him and deported him to back Thailand; he has recently made another appearance uninjured and seemingly active.

Power of the Verse

While relatively weak compared to much other anime and manga, Kenichi is a pretty powerful verse in its own right. With some of their masters being able to casually toss cars, make entire buildings collapse, and fight at several times the speed of sound.

The series God tiers, however, hold considerably higher power. Casually reaching Multi-City Block levels and mach speeds in the dozens.

Characters notably possess a lot more martial arts/fighting skill than most other series. Along with interesting abilities like walking on water, redirecting attacks, using their aura offensively, allowing them to defeat people with their mere presence, cause people to get amnesia, and more.

Personality and Goals[edit | edit source]

Despite his strength, Loki prefers to win by using any means necessary: he kidnaps Honoka after learning that she is Kenichi’s sister, despite Hermit’s protests. His ultimate goal is unknown, but it seems that he wanted to destroy Ragnarök from the inside, planting seeds of doubt among the Eight Fists in order to disorient the gang. Niijima states that both he and Loki follow the «Art of Evil», which is why Loki uses dirty methods to win.

However, Loki isn’t completely heartless, as he does have care for his men and towards Number 20, going as far as to rescue her from Yami with his men and admitted he was glad she was safe. However, he’s not above using her as a distraction so he himself can escape whenever they are cornered.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Spark Arcedit | edit source

Raichi first appears outside the Shinpaku building and meets Kenichi, who was watering the plants. Later she is seen alongside her father

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discussing plans to take on Ryonzapaku and the strongest disciple.

She later appears again in her battle outfit fighting against the Shinpaku Alliance, defeating the lesser members fairly quickly but is then challenged against the commanders. She fights first against Kisara since they are both women and during the fight she tears her shirt and taunts her for her small breasts. Later when Kisara seems to have the upper hand then Raichi gets serious and easily overpowered her. When Ukita tried to fight against her she stopped him by squeezing between his legs. Her next opponent was Siegfried, who tried to fight her since both of them use styles that can’t be read. During the middle of their fight one of the Shinpaku members tried to trap her in one of their traps but she easily broke out and almost killed Siegfried, who got distracted by the debris. Luckily, Kenichi showed up in time to fight her.

During her fight with Kenichi she launched numerous attacks but Kenichi managed to counter all of them without even hurting her. When their fight started to get serious Kenichi mimicked Ma Kensei’s movements and manged to catch her but she later broke free and then took off her helmet to reveal her true identity. She then changed her movement to low altitude attacks and easily overwhelmed Kenichi due to him always facing against bigger opponents. After hearing Kenichi’s belief she started to fall against his counters and got caught twice. Still she tried to continue fighting even going as far as to try to break her own arm to get free of Kenichi’s grip. Upon the second release she managed to catch Kenichi by the neck but couldn’t bring herself to kill him. This greatly angered her father who tried to step in and kill Kenichi himself. When her father came he slapped her, knocking her out. She got up again when she thought Kensei Ma was going to kill her father and wanted them to stop fighting.

Master-Disciple Tag Match Arcedit | edit source

Later, during the fight between Ma Kensei and Diego Carlo and Renka and Rachel, Raichi boards Diego’s ship to protect her first client. She meets up with Kenichi and Miu and helps them to fight off Diego’s guards and attempts to deactivate the bomb on board of the ship. It is also revealed that she harbors personal feelings for Kenichi, such as telling Miu that if she won’t go after Kenichi, then she will, thus making Miu jealous and wonder if Kenichi is popular with girls. As Meatman arrives, the group fight him off only for their attacks to be ineffective due to his large and fat body. However, as Kenichi tells Miu to focus on the bomb, he unleashes a powerful Mubyoshi on him and knocks him down and Raichi is happy. However, they all panic since Miu accidently cut a wrong wire and the bomb is now going to blow up and as the Meatman gets up again, the elder arrives and defeats him easily and throws the bomb away. After Diego is defeated, Raichi remembers her client and is glad he’s safe and she says her goodbyes to Kenichi and Miu saying it was nice seeing them again.

Epiloqueedit | edit source

In the Epiloque, Raichi has officially become a member of the Shinpaku Alliance and one of the heads, along side Shirator, in Niijima’s business.

Fighting Style and Techniques[edit | edit source]

Before learning Koppou, Tsuji’s fighting style was basically a mix of reckless street fighting, instinct, and experience. Tsuji’s original fighting style was reckless, had little to no technique, and overall left a lot of openings when he fought, but because of his experience in fighting in the streets and being in a gang, Tsuji more than makes up for these shortcomings by using straight foreword and dirty tactics to stay unpredicable and relentless when fighting, which combined with his experence makes him a strong fighter. Since Ragnarok’s dispansion, Tsuji has learned from a master-class fighter and become a practisioner of the martial art style of Koppou. According to Kōetsuji, the style Tsuji uses is possibly over a thousand years old and is one of the oldest Japanese styles of Kenpou and revolved around the kanji, which means talent or skill to understand a clever technique in little time in contemporary Japanese and «core» in ancient Japanese. For practitioners, the difference between those who knew the «core» and those who didn’t was in their understanding. Tsuji’s way of Koppou was a little different from how it is used in regular styles.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Freya is named after Freyja, a Norse fertility goddess and leader of the Valkyries.
  • Freya is shown to be afraid of mice when she saw Touchmaru after Fortuna’s defeat by jumping to Thor for protection.
  • Freya prefers to sleep wearing just her underwear, as shown in chapter 383.
  • It is implied that Freya has a crush on Kōzō Ukita

    During the D of D tournament, when she and Kisara Nanjō overheard Kenichi Shirahama and Ukita discussing their interests in Miu and Kisara, respectively, Freya noted that she wouldn’t mind someone like him having a crush on her. Also, after the Shinpaku Alliance rescued her and her grandfather from Yami’s Armed Division, she visited each of its members to thank them and give them presents. Ukita’s present, as noted by Miu, was the only one to have a fancy bow on it, to which Kaname became embarrassed about and quickly left. Kaname is one of three girls that has fallen in love with Ukita. The other two are Kisara and Shiratori. Ultimately, seemingly accepting Ukita having eyes only for Kisara and the feeling reciprocated, Freya has moved on and since begun pursing a relationship with Takeda.


  • Freya prefers the staff as her main weapon and she carries it in two separate parts within her jacket.

Ragnarok Saga[edit | edit source]

Final Clash arcedit | edit source

Berserker is seen usually in the background not speaking when others are talking. He one day plays poker with Loki and Loki talks about making another Ragnarok but states he’s joking and the winner would decide who’s the leader and when Loki shows he’s got a four pair (which he cheated

to get) Berserker leaves knowing he cheated and is not interested. However, Loki checked his hand and is shocked to see that he had a Royal Straight Flush and would have won the game. He later goes out and starts taking out all the main members such as easily defeating Takeda, Ukita and the lower grunts. He chases after Niijima and when Niijima tricks him into falling into a hole, he jumps out and starts fighting Siegfried. He defeats Siegfried and almost drowns him and leaves so Akisame and Sakaki can fish him out. Berserker is told by Loki to lead his «New Eight Fists» once the latter proclaims his betrayal of Ragnarok during the attack on Shinpaku Alliance. However once he got close enough, he quickly defeated them all, including Loki, and claims that he only came to Loki just to get closer to attack. He is subsequently challenged by Hermit, who became angry that Berserker took out Loki when he was going to do it. At the beginning of the battle, Berserker’s foresight is unable to overcome Hermit’s ability to land attacks, forcing him to use odd techniques to counter him. When Hermit gets around those attacks as well, Berserker finally goes into Berserker Mode and overwhelms Hermit. Ultimately, he is defeated by Hermit, who dislocates one of his arms and unleashes a multitude of devastating attacks. Berserker is unwilling to admit defeat and attempts to continue on, despite his injuries, but is dissuaded by Kenichi, who tells him that one should not be ashamed of defeat because one learns more from it. Berserker then stops trying to fight, warns Kenichi about Odin, and is finished off by Odin.

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