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Вива безумие сериал


  • The case’s name refers to the 1936 film Reefer Madness. The plot of the film revolves around the events that take place after high school students are pushed into using marijuana.
  • Oddly enough, there were two enemies who fired at Cole with a Thompson M1 at Juan Garcia Cruz’s Residence, but once you investigate inside, one of the Thompsons will be replaced by a longer barrelled, unusable revolver.
  • The cop that talks to you at the factory has 1247 on his badge, which is the same as Cole’s badge.
  • Cole makes a reference to Confidential Magazine, however the first issue wasn’t released until 5 years after the events of LA Noire.
  • Going from Cruz’s Residence directly to 20th Century Market will cause Phelps to skip the daytime visit to Parnell’s Soup Co. Factory and the interview with Sergio, and therefore prevent him from collecting Sergio’s silver dollar. However, Ray Pinker will still have all five dollars for the puzzle.
  • If you leave Masangkay Metals during the gunfight, you can «free roam» with your gun throughout the city without failing the mission.
  • These are the cases with the case «The Naked City», which are DLC cases where there is no car chasing the suspect.
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